Customer Reviews

"After including superfoods recommended in Kaylas eating plans I feel more energetic and alive." 

- Victoria Atenova, Designer, Adelaide     

"I have some health problems meaning I find it hard to digest most food, no problems digesting Natural Naughties lunch and food samples in Raw Class one ! I look forward to making the raw recipes at home."

- Wendy, Adelaide     

"The bliss balls I tried in Natural Naughties Raw Basic class one taste better then any other chocolate I have tried." 

- Amber Kristensen, Adelaide     

"Kayla's knowledge and understanding of nutrition, organic and superfoods astounds me and thats not to mention the skill she has put together to make great tasting foods. After coming off a long winded body building competition diet Kayla helped advise me of simple ways to get some great nutrients and vitamins back into my diet quickly.Natural Naughties superfood mix also gave me so much energy in the gym." 

- Grace, WNBF Sport Model Winner & Trainer, Adelaide     

"Natural Naughties blog motivates me to stay on track after reading the blog on stimulants I said no to my afternoon coffee and had a Natural Naughties green smoothie instead." 

- Sharron, Adelaide     

"Including Natural Naughties plan ideas in my daily routine helped improve my energy and strength." 

- Laura, Adelaide     

"I have worked in the beauty industry for over 30 years and I believe in looking after yourself from the inside as well as the outside. After training with Kayla 3 times a week for 8 months and taking her nutrition tips I am really pleased with the changes in my fitness levels and have developed a lot better body shape"

"Kayla's raw classes are well presented and I have learned some quick and simple raw food techniques, I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for optimal health and well being." " 

- Beth Jammison, Beauty Therapist, Adelaide     

"Kayla's style and passion for raw food can only be matched by her knowledge on the subject. I learned so much and will be enrolling in future events." 

- Pierre Andre Goosedn, Photographer, Adelaide     

"Thanks Kayla for the delicious Bliss Balls and Cheesecake you made for me to share over Christmas. It was wonderful to have something that was yummy and healthy to share with the family." 

- Lyn, Retail Assistant, Greenwith, SA     

"Kayla's class was fun and informative and inspired me to learn more about the raw food lifestyle." 

- KD, Writer, Adelaide     

"Kayla's Raw Food class has taught me that there are ways to make nutrient-dense food easily, quickly, and tastefully. 

 It has also given me a whole new frame-of-mind around dessert and raw food.Sharing this information, and foods, with my friends, family and work-mates in the Health field has opened a lot of minds to what is achieveable within our eating plans.

 Thank you for reminding me that food is a fuel that helps our bodies run efficiently, and that Super Foods are amazing."

-  Rocki, Nurse, Adelaide     

"I first became interested in the raw foods when I met Kayla when she was my trainer. She is a very persuasive advocate for the regime of including more raw and super foods in the diet and tempted me to explore the possibilities for myself with the many samples she would bring me to taste. I have been to two of her classes which i enjoyed a lot and have learned how to incorporate the raw foods into my own cooking(non vegan). I particularly like the fact that raw foods can be turned into such enticing treats, for example the avocado mousse cake which I have served to guests and making these is much simpler than i imagined. I look forward to Kayla's net class to I can keep learning." 

- Judi, Adelaide     

"Thanks so much Kayla, I love reading your posts and I found you absolutely fascinating to listen to last night. I am loving all my new knowledge! I am very excited about preparing some of your recipes and continuing my journey (and family) to a healthier lifestyle :)"

- Melanie, Adelaide     

"Brilliant night Kayla, got to sleep about 2 trying to absorb all the info then woke my hubby up at 5.40 because I couldn't wait any longer to tell him all about it... Just had a green juice for breakfast!!!!"

- Aasha, Adelaide     



 "Since trying your recipes I have seen an improvement in my daughter's health, as she is lactose intolerant, and also in her behaviour as there are no nasties in your recipe.  Love love love your e-books. Thanks again!"

- Elizabeth, Adelaide