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Natural Naughties Raw Lifestyle Recipe Book

$ 35.00 AUD

Hard Copy! NEW

Packed full of great recipes, hints & tips. The Natural Naughties e-book written by Founder of Natural Naughties Kayla Thompson. This isn't just a recipe book, it's a lifestyle manual.



  • 50 raw food recipes
  • Information and listings on local supplier guides
  • Health & beauty tips
  • Raw food benefits
  • Utensil guide
  • Super food listing

 Includes postage within Australia. 


Natural Naughties Living Lean e-book

$ 85.00 AUD

Natural Naughties guide to living lean and achieving optimal health. This e-book contains information on:

  • Supplements for health
  • Learn your body through trial, error and testing
  • Clean-eating recipes
  • The power of the mind
  • Resources listing
  • Training for fat loss
  • Guide to better abs
  • Kill the bloat
  • Raw foods and super foods.


An amazing guide inspired by The Natural Naughties SOLD OUT event.

Forget fad diets, quick fix, 12 week challenges, find an approach you can live daily. 


Healthy Pancakes and Treats e-book

$ 40.00 AUD

No need to feel guilty! These pancakes are really healthy and natural too.


So many people are stuck for ideas for breakfast.


20 Pancake recipes that are designed to nourish your body!


Protein pancakes, low carb pancakes, sugar free, gluten free, coconut pancakes, spinach pancakes and more! Includes yummy pancake toppings too!



Recipes for Kids e-book

$ 15.00 AUD

It is important to feed your family nutrient dense foods to provide them with all the essentail nutrients they need to substain energy all day.


Obesity rates and illness are increasing and it is scary.


Instead, use Natural Naughties recipes to provide the family with healthy alternatives to processed foods.


This e-book contains:

  • Recipes
  • Snack ideas
  • All-natural and healthy lunch box options

Coconut Magic e-book

$ 20.00 AUD

Nourish your body with a range if healthy and nutrient dense coconut shakes.


Coconut Oil is a Magic Super Food. It is known to:

  • Boost immune sytem
  • Assist metabolism
  • Fight sugar cravings
  • Provide the body with essential nutrients
  • If combined with a 'smart" nutrition plan can assist with fat loss.


The Coconut Magic e-book contains 20 easy recipes that are designed to Nourish the body.


Raw C Coconut e-book

$ 10.00 AUD

Raw C coconut water is the main ingredient used in this e-book.


Coconut water is a "super food" as it is loaded with many benefits. Drinking coconut water will assist to keep you well hydrated, therefore you will feel happy and energetic.


The entire family is going to love these quick and easy recipes.


This e-book contains:

  • Shakes
  • Warm sweet recipes
  • Warm dishes
  • Savory dishes
  • and lots more



Healthy Breakfast Recipes e-book

$ 50.00 AUD

Kick start the day with a healthy meal and you will be more likely to end the day that way.

The Natural Naughties Breakfast e-book includes a range of recipes that are free from chemicals. The best part is they are all healthy.

No gimmicks, no short cuts, no pills, just whole foods!


High Protein Recipes

$ 60.00 AUD

This e-book includes clean eating recipes that are high in protein and nutrient dense.

Many store bought protein bars and snacks contain artificial ingredients and are low in nutrients.

All ingredients in The High Protein E-book are natural and healthy. They contain:

  • Healthy and good quality fats
  • Healthy sweetners and no white processed sugar
  • Health carb sources
  • Nutrient dense ingredients

There is also a range of high protein options in the e-book.




Natural Naughties Personal Coaching assistance.

$ 240.00 AUD

Personal plan to achieve your goals


Yes, you can achieve your dream body while eating a range of nutrient dense foods that taste good!


Natural Naughties will provide you with a detailed questionaire to establish your current eating regime and establish your goals.


Natural Naughties will look at your current eating and suggest ways we believe will help you achieve your goals. Natural Naughties also suggest natural suplements and superfoods to help increase energy and strength.


Natural Naughties plans are balanced, unique and designed to suit your lifestyle. Plans include sample eating days, recipes and general health tips.


Natural Naughties plans are designed to nourish and fuel the body using whole foods, a range of raw food.  

To learn more visit, sister website,


5-day DETOX

$ 40.00 AUD

Try a cleanse to kick start your health and energy.

No fads, no gimmicks, no starvation, just healthy food options.

Not suggested for "long term", yet many find that energy levels, health and well being are high on this plan.

It does not leave you starving, feeling limited or alike.


  • 5 day meal plan - What to eat, how much to eat and when, food to eat, foods to remove, what to drink and how much
  • Natural supplements and superfoods guide
  • Recipes and extra tips for detox

A detox phase, simply designed to remove high acidic foods. These include processed foods, excess meat, dairy and alike.. will help you feel energetic, happy, less stressed, healthy and may assist in weight loss. You should consider this detox if you feel tired, want a better immune system, have skin issues, over-training, want to balance the body.


*Vegan options.




Healthy Kids Superfood Treats eBook

$ 20.00 AUD

Do your kids refuse to eat healthy food without dramas and tantrums?  Do you see health problems appearing in your child but have almost given up the hope of convincing them to eat well and live well?


You’re not alone. Millions of parents find themselves in this situation. What would you say if we told you there is an easy and fun way to help your fast-food kids feel good again? There is a way. It is the most beautiful and natural journey you can take. This eBook will show you how to turn them into good food lovers without force or persuasion.


This eBook includes:

  • 15 stunning recipes to help you introduce good food to your kids
  • Every recipe gluten free, dairy free, grain free and made in under ten minutes
  • Inspiration and tips on your journey to helping your kids

Few Ingredients Raw Vegan Recipe eBook

$ 20.00 AUD

Raw vegan recipes - Freedom in simplicity


Introduce yourself to the easy side of raw vegan food with The Few Ingredients Raw Recipes eBook. Each recipe in the book is made with six, five or four ingredients and tastes like a gourmet treat. All recipes are created to allow you to experiment with optional ingredients and create your own signature raw vegan recipes.


The easier side of raw


  • Begin to learn how to make raw food delights with whatever’s in your cupboard
  • Save yourself time on preparation and shop less
  • All new raw vegan recipes, dinners and desserts made with a minimum of ingredients
  • Use any recipe as a base for creating your own amazing secret family signatures

EVENT: Basic Raw Food Class

$ 80.00 AUD

Learn about a range of super foods that will enhance health, well being, energy, mood and assist with weight loss.

Class taught be a certified raw food and detox coach with experience in juice fasting, water fasting and healing through meditation/spiritual practises.





*Super food info

*Utensil info

Recipes include green smoothies, almond milk, bliss balls and more.

See our Classes and Events tab under 'Services' for venue and dates.


Chocolate Making Course

$ 50 AUD

Learn to make raw, vegan, dairy and sugar free vegan chocolates.

Learn about the ingredients.

How to make dark chocolate, white chocolate and creamy "dairy" tasting chocolate.

How to play with technique to achieve different textures.

(think soft chocolate that melts in mouth)


Use ingredients that can stand high temperatures so you can give them as gifts.


Presentation and shape teqniques.


Includes recipes, handouts, tastings and demos.


We will also recreate traditional goodies like nutella, raw bounty and turkish delight.

 How to enhance the benefits with boosted superfoods.

This is a NEW introduction price of just $50.00


Tickets will sell fast.


25 October at 6pm.


Terms and conditions for Natural Naughties Classes

  • At this point NO transfers to another class and refunds can occur.
  • As no further reminder regarding class dates will be given, it is important to note the class dates.
  • Classes can not be transfered or money refunded, but you are welcome to send someone in your place if you can not attend.
  • In the unlikely event that the scheduled class does not reach numbers, Natural Naughties reserve the rights to change the date or cancel. If this occurs a refund will be given.
  • No refunds on Personal Plans or E-books. We value and appreciate your feedback.