I believe that we can heal the body. I believe in the power of throughts. I believe we can use thoughts to create illness or use thoughts to over come it and be what or who we want to be.

A little reflecting, around a year ago I was in a "stressful" place. Setting up a business, working a lot and in a not so good living situation. I was not in the "best shape" or my life, actually I was in the worst. My thoughts, actions and things I picked, contributed to this. As a result my confidence was not where I wanted it to be.

Feeling frustrated with that lack of results I was getting was making me feel un happy and lead me to go into "pannick" mode. Resulting in "doing too much", feeling anxious and going around in circles.

Only did things change when I decided I wanted them too. I decided that I am great how I am not, I will love myself now and I know what I am going to work towards and who I want to become. I had no real interest in being "ripped" or "skinny". I just wanted to look and feel like my self again. For the first time in my life I noticed cellulite on my legs. Now some may say this is "normal". To be it is not "normal". It was an indication something in my body was not "working".

Only when I started to "meditate" did I understand what my body and mind needed.


*Positive thoughts



*Seeing the end picture

*Hard work

*Motivation and purpose..

Day by day my focus was to be fit and strong and balance my body. I was not interested messing my hormones up again.

Here I am today. The person I created some time ago. I hope to inspire people to know that they can become who they want if they jsut believe.