One of the best parts about my Job is working with passionate people to inspire others to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

I have been so lucky to connect with many great coaches, trainers, speakers and professionals. I am blessed to be able to learn from the best and also provide quality informative information to my clients.
One of those people being Hien. Hien is a dedicated personal trainer and coach who inspires others to make the changes they want for Optimal Health. Hien changed his own life and for that reasons knows that others can too

I am excited to share Hiens new and exciting program as I personally have been "touched" by Hiens passion, motivation and inspiring stories.

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Natural Naughties are so proud to be part of The ABBC project with Hien. I love teaching others to make nutrient dense recipes and talk about how good each super food can make you feel. Enquire to join the team too. The girls are getting great results!

Check out some of the photos from past events, working with other passionate people.

Raw Protein Class with Hien

Raw Protein Class with Hien

Raw food demo with Limtless Health

Raw foods with Muscle Sorrority.

If you would like Natural Naughties to present at an un coming event or would like a speaker of demonstration contact Kayla.

Kayla Thompson