Well Being Event

My baby sister, is so happy and my parents follow a holistic approach.

It was so fantastic to feel the 'energy' of excited parents in a room who were excited to learn more about holistic health and parenting. The night started with raw nibbles, herbal tea and lots of smiles. The event was located in a beautiful beauty room located in Norwood, with a huge kitchen. Natural Naughties dream <3

I was lucky enough to be asked by Melissa Parente to present a talk and demonstration on the raw foods at her well being event for parents. Melissa is an inspiring lady who had overcome healthy issues and that inspired her to share her journey to help others. I admire her ability to stay strong, be positive and make lifestyle changes to overcome health issues. She is really giving so much energy and positive vibes to the community,

I was lucky enough to hear two other speakers on the night. Both qualified as well informed in different areas of well-being.


Jodie from parent well being.

Jodie is a physcologist,  best selling parenting author, and the director and founder of parentwellbeing.com.

I could feel the positive energy in the room. I really like her approach, The line that "stuck' in my mind most from her presentation... 'Do not miss a moment".

I am not a parent, however have a new baby sister, often I am so busy with work, i miss the chance to spend time with her. I can make time and I never want to miss a moment of her growing up to be a beautiful girl.

The event really made me appreciate mums and the pressure they feel today,It does not have to be that stressful, change of mindset can do wonders...

A child is a gift!

Visit Jodies website for more details,

*Eris (20 years naturopath) from neways.

Eris spoke about the toxins that are hidden in your home and may be affecting your health.

I have been to a few of Eris talks and am blown away by her knowledge and great presentations.

Eris was able to resolve health issues in her own family, when she was told her children may go on to develop health issues....

Often people eat well, exercise well but still are not feeling fantastic. Toxins will enter the blood stream and can affect health. Many health conditions such as asthma, exzema and headaches can be avoided be removing certain toxins in our lifestyle.

My first e-book has some info on toxic free living. Coconut oil was mentioned on the night as a Natural product for both parents ans children.

*For more information On Neways products, please email
kayla@naturalnaughties.com. I am now a member and am trying to remove toxins where I can.

On the night I made a nut free bar and topping. These recipes are great for busy mums or children. I also spoke about some healthy super foods for mums and children. I was lucky to have more knowledge on childrens Nutrition as I hosted the Parenting Event last week with Kelly, who is a childs/mum nutrionist.

*For Kellys details please contact me, she works from Rainbow Tree.

Nut free Natural Naughties Cake

Perfect snacks for children or mums.


1 cup prunes
1 cup coconut flakes
1/4 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup agave
honey optional

Process in high speed blender, roll into balls and flatten


2 bananas
3 tablespoons coconut oil
1 tablespoon raw cacao
Honey optional


Blend in high speed blender.

Top the patty with the topping and serve with fresh berries


* I have just written a NEW EBOOK, Super Easy Balls. This is a great book for parents and children, 20 Quick and Easy ball recipes. Make the perfect lunch box snack.

Eco lateral on Magil Road sell some cute TOXIC FREE lunch box. Visit the store for a range of environment friendly products. I love the soaps and natural skin care.

Kayla Thompson

Natural Naughties Love