Trial and error!

What works for one may not work for another, we all are different, no one diet will work for everyone. The best way to find what works for you is trial and error. I have finally found an eating plan that works for me and this has taken me some time, A few things I consider are my blood type, metabolic type and hormones as well as health history. I know I am eating the right food when my skin glows and i feel energetic, happy and healthy.


In the past I have made mistakes. Eating food I am allergic too, counting calories, eating food marketed as "healthy" but processed. The list goes on......

Side effects of the wrong eating for me..

In the past I have suffered from...

  • headaches
  • stomach aches
  • hormone imbalances
  • depression
  • really bad skin
  • low energy
  • chronic fatigue

I know what works for me, I know what to eat and when, I know what supplements work for me, I get regular blood work done and see health professionals to keep things under control.

A start point

If you are trying to find what works for you, remove certain food groups such as dairy or wheat and see how you feel with out them? Then reintroduce them, if you feel bad ect them they are not for you. When I eat wheat I feel tired and fatigue, dairy makes me break out, so i avoid them and feel much better.

Not afraid

I found an old blog I wrote 3 years ago. At this stage in life I am not raw vegan, even when I wasI still had to find the correct foods, eating too much gourmet raw was not right for me. I am so glad i discovered the raw foods as this lifestyle helped me cut out all processed food i once viewed as healthy.

A little afraid to share this blog with you all, but this is me and i am not afraid to admit, i am not perfect and have learned so much about my body since this blog...

This was what i ate 3 years ago....

Morning-1 litre water with lemon (was really trying to increase fluids)

Breakfast- 2 bananas, cacao smoothie and a pear (energy)

Snack- 2 kiwi, 1 orange

Lunch- nori with carrot and cucumber and 1 smoothie made of spinach, 1 apple and 3 oranges.

Snack- 4 small bananas and 3 apple smalls 

Dinner- 3 banana smoothie with 1/4 avocado, cacao, lucuma, 4 medjool dates (more fruit!)

Snack- 1 punnet berries and a pear

Exercise 1 hour weights legs ( also got told today I had really strong legs that looked amazing and if I was an athlete training or dancer )

1 hour yoga

1 hour Body Attack class (I am so used to this class and fit, so it is like a walk in the park)

How I feel today ....FANTASTIC, think it may be all the water I drank today!

Cravings-No cravings.

Still worried about losing muscle due to a massive decline in protein.

Skin is not so great at the moment.

I just viewed this eating plan as if it was a client, I would make many changes to fine tune this eating plan, especially to improve the skin.

So as you can see it is a great idea to blog your eating, exercise and diet from time to time in order to fine tune it.

They way I eat now is very different to this and I feel better then ever.

On another note when i changed my diet to this from a higher protein diet i did suffer many tummy problems and i solved them alone.

As you can see i was addicted to training even back then, hence i could eat a high calorie diet and stay lean.

I had a support group, i was a part of a group and they told me i was not eating enough! It was crazy the amount i was eating!

Keep in mind i know many raw vegans who eat 30 bananas a day or more and claim to have great health..


I will be posting more of my diary entries on mood, energy and food soon.

Fine tune

For help to fine tune your current eating plan please contact me.

Something different

So that is a little bit about my raw food journey, lots more to come!

Kayla Thompson

Natural Naughties Love <3