Blending with a top quality blender Raw Blend VitaMix

Feeling very HAPPY and EXCITED today while I write this blog. Ate alot of fruit today and feeling really energetic and in a really good mood! So if you feel flat or unhappy, fruit up :)

I am really excited because I have a NEW Vitamix Blender. The blender also came with a FREE recipe book. Can't wait to try some of the amazing recipes.

Todays fruits. Paw paw, pineapple, celery, watermelon, lemon. cucumber and also some celery and spinach.

Also purchased some coconut water, really missing the fresh coconuts from Thailand.

Today I used my Vitamix Blender to whip up some energy dense shakes.

Very healthy, quick and easy. Thats why I love the raw lifestyle. Hours are not spend to prep food. No need to calorie count or eat food you do not enjoy. Not to mention all the health benefits from a nutrient dense diet too.

I often MONO MEAL my drinks. Mono meals are eating one fruit at a time. Too many fruits combined can upset the tummy.

So I pick a fruit and a green and blend.

Mono mix one

Pineapple and spinach

1 cup pineapple
1/2 cup spinach
1 cup water

Blend in high speed blender

Mono Mix two

Watermelon blend

1 cup watermelon
1 stalk celery
1 cup water

Blend in high speed blender

I love the vita mix

>The vitamix blends the shakes in no time.

>Powerful enough to make Natural Naughties Recipes

>Blend well unlike other blenders, no yucky chunks!

>Blends greens so well to ensure you get enough of them.

>Easy to clean

>Makes soups, cakes, dips, sorbets and more.

>Blending in a Vitamix will rupture the cell walls and expose all the nutrients

>Not too loud so I can make smoothies in the morning

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Kayla Thompson