I am proud to share this photo i worked very hard and stepped out of my comfort zone to try something new. I celebrated my win, I did not place 1st and did not envy the winner, but was inspired by her hard work and dedication. I did the best I could and only competed with myself, that is a win to me. I except that off season I am not as lean, I am okay with that my fitness and health are better then ever now. Being happy is a gift i give myself! My experiences with competing mean I learned alot and can share these experiences with my fans to help them all. I am a stronger person physically and mentally. I want to be as honest as i can to my clients! Enjoy my blog! <3

Happy Valentines day to all my wonderful fans! Today I woke up with a smile on my face :) Today is a day to celebrate love! Yes I am single but I am happy  have the love of my family and friends, love and respect for myself, love and passion for what I do! I am blessed! The fact I love myself means when I am in a relationship I will find someone who respects me, if you don't love yourself how can you expect another to, it is common for insecure people to be with a lover who treats them bad. Have i always been this happy? Am i just lucky? The answer is no, i have in the past suffered from self-esteem issues, depression ect, most people do at same stage in life. Through good diet, training, meditation and a positive mind i have achieved alot! Health is not just diet, not just food, health is rest, happiness, movement , food, balance...

Tips on love, happiness and self esteem<3

Set an intention

Decide what kind of day you want to have before you get out of bed, write it down, think about how it will feel, remind yourself of this intention throughout the day.

'Today i want to feel happy, remind yourself to smile it will make you fell happy!"

Be true

Do what makes you happy not what others tell you to do, it is okay to take advice but at the end of the day listen to your heart and do what makes you smile. It is always great to listen to advice from others, learn and grow. Remember only you are responsible for your own happiness, none else.

"Today i will put 100 percent of my energy into my passion and love, if that is not enough for everyone, i am okay with that i have done all i can and i am proud.

Your mental diet

Read uplifting and motivational books,attend motivational seminars and workshops. The positive things you put your attention on become real. Surround yourself with positive people, not negative. Avoid the whiners!

"Today i will chat to a happy, successful, loving  person and be inspired"

"Today i will read inspirational quotes"

*Tonight a workshop is on in Adelaide in regards to self love and self esteem, for details on workshops in Australia, contact me.

Learn to control that evil voice

Observe your thoughts if they are not kind, redirect your focus. It may take practice and time.

'You can't achieve that you lack experience, i will give it my best shot and be proud for for taking the risk and will learn and grow"


Remove processed food as it contains little nutrition value. Include more raw fresh fruit and veggies. These foods are proved to enhance the mood. Eating well to create beauty inside and out is one way to boost your mood! Natural Naughties personal plans are designed to increase happiness too, we use some beneficial superfoods in plans to enhance the mood! Peru has some of the worlds happiest people, many nutrient superfoods come from peru! Add these to your diet!

"Today i will drink plenty of water, eat a nutrient dense diet and avoid all stimulants"

Do not compare

You are your own person we are not meant to be the same. We are all unique and special and have our own gifts. If you want to compare, only compare to yourself. Write down something special about yourself, admire others gifts and talents rather then envy.

'I am really creative and a talented cook", "My friend is really smart, i wonder what i can learn from her" "yesterday i did bosu squats with a kettlebell, next week i will increase the load"


Go out side, enjoy the sun, smell the roses, decorate your room. These small things will make you feel great!

"Today i will take time to sit out side, appreciate the small things with a Natural Naughties shake"


Appreciate things in life! Reflecting is important, write it down! Do not focus on what you don't have but what you do!

'Thankyou for a fantastic family"

Celebrate you

Be proud, celebrate your achievements big or small. Give yourself credit!

"Today i ran an extra mile, that feels great"


Learning is growing and feels good. We can learn from everyone, older, younger, smarter...

"Today i will research a new topic in health"

Step out the comfort zone

It is a chance to grow, try something new!

"Today i will talk to a stranger and try a new weights routine"

Do something for you!

You deserve it!

"Today i will have a hot bath, treat myself to a neck massage"

Do what you love

Best way to feel great!

"Today i will make some Natural Naughties treats for fun"

Do something for others

Giving and helping others is a gift to yourself too.Donate to charity, give someone your time.

"Today i will teach others to make my treats"

Be active

Walk, run, lift, MOVE. Exercise release endorphines to make you feel good!

"Today i have a busy day with work i will set some time to train"


For a list of self-esteem lifestyle coaches, workshops and more please contact, we want to help!

Valentines day recipe

I am so proud of my beautiful nutrient dense recipes. I have so much fun making them and it makes me happy! I feel so gifted to have these skills. I feel so happy to share my recipes with my fans! My food is nutrient dense and lifts my mood and enhances my performance in the gym. I continue to learn from every recipe i make! I love this recipe and will enjoy it today in the garden with a smile on my face! I love the feedback from my fans as the feedback helps me grow and learn.I love to take risks with my food also so don't be scared to do something crazy like add tiny bit salt or spirulina to this recipe!

Natural Naughties Love chocolate

A gift made with the hands is a special gift of love! It is all natural and the coconut oil is very healthy!


1/2 cup coconut oil (melted)
2 tablespoon raw cacao
1 tablespoon maca
2 tablespoons agave


Melt coconut oil over low heat, whisk in all other ingredients. Pour into patty liners or moulds, use love hearts for this special day! Set in fridge!


Add in crushed nuts, coconut flakes or goji berries! I add fresh rasberries sometimes!

Did you know maca is a superfood from peru known to enhance mood, libido and strength! It is nutrient dense too!


Cacao does contain caffeine, moderation is key! if you are sensitive to caffeine, pregnant then replace the cacao with carob. Carob is a better option for children too!

Cacao will make you buzz, try it before training and limit intake after 4pm!

For more nutrient dense recipes order my e-book, today only SPECIAL OFFER! Find my e-book under the order tab!

Enjoy your day, be happy, smile and live life <3

Thankyou for all the support!

Kayla Thompson