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I was very excited when Kate launched her new Tidy Fibre. It is so hard to find oat fibre here in Australia. I have been trying to look for it for so long! Pauline Nordin is a huge fan oat fibre and bought this product to my attention. That is what sparked the interest for me. Both Pauline and Kate maintain lean bodies all year around. What is the secret?

Tidy Oat Fibre.

<3 No calories due to high fibre content, cleanses your colon, known to balance blood sugar levels. Allows you to make cakes, biscuits, pizzas and other treats, guilt free. Keeps you full for longer.

Cons <3
Not something you want to have too much of as it can bloat you, can intefere with mineral obsorption if you have too much. Could cause a sore tummy. Trial and error is key, start with a small amount.

Does not have much taste at all. Something you want to mix in with your food or recipes. If you have a huge appetite and are really hungry at night. Mix in some with water to keep you full. I wish I knew about this while I was dieting for comps. May be a bodybuilders "lifesaver'' food.

Use it<3
To make guilt free treats, when you are really hungry, to cleanse your colon every so often. Kate has some great recipes. You could add this fibre to Natural Naughties green smoothies, Bliss balls, Shakes or other treats.

I did add some fibre to my shakes, worked well to keep me full for longer!

Kate sells the Fibre for around $19.95. This does cost more than traditional flour. However traditional flour is higher in carbs and calories. So for a lean body, this is worth the investment.

Product Recipe

Natural Naughties REALLY LOW calorie cake

This cake is guilt free. Very easy to make too!


3 carrots
5 eggwhites
1 whole egg
1/2 cup Tidy oat fibre
1/2 cup almond meal
stevia and cinnamon to sweeten


Process into a high speed blender.
Pour into lined tin
Bake until cooked
Cool then serve


If mix is too thick, add in some water.
The consistency will be a little sticky due to the texture of the fibre.

Natural Naughties Verdict-
Using oat fibre in my recipes made them more filling, reduced the calories. The cakes tasted ok and were something I can include in my diet daily and not feel guilty. The end product was not as tasty as a calorie rich or unhealthy cakes. This product is used as a "filler", it is not the richest source of minerals, vitamins and can affect the absorption of minerals.

  Everything in moderation, do not abuse this product. It worked so well as a filler, especially after a massive training, when your metabolism is on fire.

To order Tidy Oat Fibre or more details please contact Kate

Kayla Thompson

Disclaimer- Based on Kayla Thompsons own research, any information provided is not intended to treat any medical health problems. Please always consult a health professional.

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