Healthy Whole Eggs for a balanced diet and lifestyle.

While doing some research on eggs I came across a great article written by Dr Salerno. I was so impressed with his Article that I 'looked' him up and came across his page and e-book. I downloaded the e-book and also got a hard copy of the book too. Signed too ;) Very lucky girl, I made my own dreams come true to live the lifestyle I do :)

Dr Salerno

Dr Salerno is an international acclaimed medical expert on anti aging and weight loss. Dr Salerno has been featured in Womans day, mens health, fox news and others. He is also recomended by Suzanne Somers in her books "Your use of bio-identical hormones will help many other woman" says Ms. Somers.

The diet

The Silver Cloud Diet is based on organic and unprocessed foods, protein, natural fat, low gi and includes natural supplements that will strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation and destroy free radicals. I really like "his take' on natural fats as they are often under estimated or promoted as 'unhealthy', mean while the media promote margarine and low fat products and loads of grains.

We love recipes

BONUS, in this book you will find 75 recipes that are low carb and are perfect to improve your health and assist in weight loss if need be. It is hard to find a good bone broth recipe these days. Bone broth will strengthen the immune system, many articles on this Topic by Western A Price. As Dr Salerno is Italian like myself, I am sure we both would agree home made broth is 100 times better then any stock cube ;) Other really yummy sounding recipes are the French flourless cake, full fat ice cream and classic custard. I can't wait to have a cook off.

Great read

You will find some interesting facts and information in the book/e-book. I was really interested to read more about the natural supplements and will share some of that info in this blog.

As the book explains how to balance blood sugar levels to prevent and help with diabetes it makes sense that the natural supplements suggested by this doctor promote metabolism of carbohydrates, improve insulin sensitivity, among other benefits.


Is key to metabolism of energy. Biotin enables 4 essential enzymes to break down carbohydrates into glucose, fats into fatty acids and protein into amino acids.
Found in foods such as nut butters, sardines, egg yellows, liver, banana, mushrooms...


I have taken this supplement as suggest by my personal naturopath. I did feel it helped alot with sugar cravings. Most clients at a gym I worked on would take this during comp prep as it would help kill cravings for sugar.

Just like the other supplement chromium plays an important role in the metabolism of carbs, proteins and fats, helping your body metabolize fat, turn protein into muscle and convert carb into energy.

This used to be present in the soil, however farming and the overuse of pesticides have depleted the soil of nutrients the body needs. So it is beneficial to include some supplements into your lifestyle plan, especially if you are not eating all organic foods.

If you are an athlete then this supplement is beneficial as lots of exercise can deplete the bodys stores of chromium.

Trace amounts of chromium found in leafy greens, beef, mushrooms, shell fish....

Read more.....

That was my sneak peak into the Silver Cloud Diet, order your own and learn to live a healthy lifestyle and help inspire others...Info on hormones, diabetes, blood sugar, toxins, obesity,organic food for weight loss...

Kayla Thompson