Alkaline! Alkaline! Alkaline!

Everyone is talking about alkaline eating for health these days! You can eat all healthy foods and still not feel healthy and happy. It is about eating the correct foods and ratios for your own body. Eating more alkaline foods will assist with a healthy body. Alkaline foods assist in more energy, better skin, weightloss and well-being.

Examples of acid forming foods- Meat, dairy, grains, sugar,eggs, processed food

*If organic meat and animal products are Natural Naughties approved, grains if you respond well to them and processed food should be avoided.

Alkaline forming- Veggies, fruits, some nuts and seeds, fruit...

*All get The Natural Naughties Tick

Other things to consider

Acid- Stress, too much work, over training, financial stress, relationship issues, not enough water...

Alkaline State- Happy, down time, doing what you enjoy, yoga, meditation, relaxing, lots of water...

* I am in love with Saka, alkaline water at the moment.


When you go out to eat at a restaurant or friends. Often the portion of meat is alot larger then the salad or veggies.

Pasta dishes, hardly any veggies...

Pizza with limited veggies...

We need to rotate those ratios to be healthy.

Natural Naughties Tips to increase Alkaline foods to feel better

  • Eat more fruit and veg
  • Swap large portions of meat for more veggies
  • Instead of snacking on processed foods, enjoy some healthy veggie dips
  • Drink fresh green smoothies
  • Get creative in the kitchen
  • Invest in fun tools to create more alkaline foods
  • A good quality supplement can assist in alkalising the body.

*Morlife Alkalising Greens ph7.3 is what I am currently using.,

This formula will help reduce acidity and balance the bodys ph.

  • 13 veggies
  • 5 fruits
  • Green Super foods
  • Pre and Probiotics and Fibre
  • Alkalising Minerals
  • Energising Herbs

Alkaline Natural Naughties Shake

A shake to eliminate acid in order to balance ph.


1/4 cup baby spinach
1/4 cucumber
1 green apple
11/2 cup water


Blend in high speed blender, I use a Vita Mix.

Thompson <3