These pancakes are the real deal, except they're gluten free! ;)

I know that more people are reporting allergies to gluten and at the same time are not too interested to spend ages in the kitchen making yummy treats. But you can still eat pancakes occasionally.

These pancakes are easy to make. I call them the "real deal" because they are soft and fluffy like traditional pancakes. Some recipes Natural Naughties create are alternatives to unhealthy recipes however some times texture may vary.

Gluten Free Easy Pancakes

1 whole egg
1 and 1/2 cup gluten free pancake mix
3/4 cup milk, soy or almond milk (I used soy)
1 teaspoon coconut oil

Blend in a high speed blender.
Pour small amount onto a greased fry pan.
When bubbles form, flip and fry on other side.
Done when golden brown.

Tips for making pancakes:
  • Before cooking the pancakes, make sure that the pan is hot.
  • Test "pancake" make a small one and check the texture. If need be add in another egg.
  • Normally when half the batch is made, I allow the pan to cool as I find when it is too hot, they "burn".
  • Be gentle when flipping as they are very soft.
  • Use a large pan, so that the pancakes are easy to flip.
  • Only make one to two pancakes at a time if you after the perfect pancakes.
  • Practice makes perfect (I still have a while to go ;))

  • Add some blueberries and cinnamon to the batch.
  • I made half a batch then added a scoop or natural protein to the rest. Turned out well.

  • Fresh berries and raw cream
  • Lemon and coconut palm sugar
  • A mashed banana and tahini
Be creative!

Where to get gluten free pancake mix?
Where to get quality pans?

Kayla Thompson