Natural Naughties loves Pink sea salt!

Until a few years ago I thought salt was bad for me, due to marketing and articles really referring to table salt. I do not use table salt. It is stripped from all nutrients, and makes me feel dehydrated and thirsty. I avoid it at all costs.   

In 2006, my trainer introduced me to sea salt! Since then I have been using it. There was a time that I cut down on it, along with other foods resulting in cramps.

Natural Naughties consider salt to be a super food for many reasons. Pure salt is key to creating all major elements of the body. Salt is crucial to maintain a natural alkaline condition so that we can metabolize and eliminate toxic substances. Being in a more alkaline state will assist your health and well-being.

It’s sad to hear that more people are feeling tired or catching more colds and flus. I even hear an increase in autoimmune diseases. We can improve our immune systems by maintaining a healthy acid alkaline balance. Having that balance is important to assist well-being and support health. It will also assist to restore the body’s ability to heal.

Why salt? So many benefits!

  • brain function
  • rids the body of toxins
  • anti-aging
  • better moods
  • more energy
  • clarity
  • ease cramps
  • assist with libido
  • helps the body absorb nutrients and minerals more efficiently
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