Natural Naughties Love Tea.

A few tea samples I was excited to try and learn more about.
 Last year I was told about a great tea for energy by many people I am friends with or work with. Matcha Green Tea.

This tea was earning a reputation for having "Super Powers". Natural Naughties put it to the test!

I tried a sample of this tea called. Organic Aracha Matcha. I ordered this tea from

I was lucky enough to speak to a lovely lady over the phone and am convinced this is of high quality. This brand is also Organic. I prefer to buy a high quality and organic when possible.

Green Teas are high in antioxidants. With no fermention and little processing, it has kept its full colour, taste and the beautiful aroma from he leaves. 

Organic Matcha Green Tea


This tea is very easy to prepare. Whisk the green tea powder with warm water. You can buy a special whisk for this tea.

This tea will give you an energy boost. Some research suggests the tea may improve physical endurance. The perfect "pre workout" for focus during training.

*Try replace your morning coffee with this tea ;)


Very rich in antioxidants to prevent early ageing.

Read this article for more benefits and information on the tea.

Calorie Burner

Contains very little calories. Known to boost metabolism and burn fat.


Matcha helps to detox the body of harmful elements. It is the colour of health.

Natural Naughties Tip

Add a little Matcha green tea to your bliss ball for a real energy boost!

Recipe provided in the Natural Naughties Raw Food Lifestyle e-book.

Visit to view the entire tea range.

Kayla Thompson