Last week I was blessed enough to travel to Sydney to teach a Natural Naughties Raw Food class in Cronulla, Sydney. I traveled alone and was very excited. In the last year I have been away several times for work. It has all been so exciting, Previous to that I hardly ever went away. I love feeling independent and proud of my accomplishments, not to mention feeling free and uncontrolled.

'Hard work, always pays off"

The sun was out!


Organization is very important in order for me to run a business successfully. I must manage my time, research resources before I travel and always have my ingredients and other needs ready to go. This trip I was blessed to find a great kitchen at the Establishment. That meant I did not have to travel with the food processor or blender. On another note some of the raw cacao spilt in my travel bag. Was a pain, however lucky I allow time before my events.

Natural Naughties Tips

*Write lists
*Keep a diary
*Pre-pack snacks and drinks
*Allow time
*Have a plan
*Do not stress!
*Have fun
*Double check things

Seeds are loaded with nutrients! Snack on them on the go.

Clear the mind

The weather was AMAZING in Sydney, the air was so clear and I instantly felt relaxed being in such a beautiful environment. Beach walks everyday while I was away really cleared my mind, meditation by the waves. I was lucky enough to find a juice bar that sold green smoothies with spirulina. Most days I enjoyed them, fresh fruit and for dinner enjoyed salad and fresh fish. I was on the 3rd week of my detox. I was able to maintain it while away.

*A new book I purchased this week on Meditation is called 'Clear the mind". Very simple, how it should be.

Fresh air and nature feed the soul.


On the night of my event, as always I was prepared to improvise. When in another kitchen anything could happen, on the night the blender was not as high speed as mine and I did have some issues with the food processor. I always have a back up plan, aka as another recipe. Everything went well. Was so glad to share my food ideas with a group of students willing to learn. It is always great to see students connect and exchange numbers at the end of my class. Bringing people together through fine food and health.

Remain calm, there is always a way!

*To learn to make raw food, attend my next class this Month or recipe are in The Natural Naughties e-book.


While away, many laughs. I met up with friends, went out to dinner, went boxing. Was so great to catch up with past client now friend Laura. She is so beautiful, sitting on the beach drinking coconut water and bananas for lunch. Most people would think that was crazy, I know the deal. Laura is a yoga teacher and raw foodie. She has so many inspirational stories to tell.

'Laughter is the best medicine"

Vegan and yoga teacher. Laura

Something different

While in Sydney, I decided to go see a fortune teller (is that what you call them) to read my cards. For me this was really a new experience. My mother used to tell me it was 'evil'. I do not think it is evil at all. I see it as a guidance. I really liked it and recently purchased some of my own tarot cards. I read them every few days and they guide me in a positive way. Also a little excitement. Sometimes just belief if enough to make dreams come true.

Believe and stay positive, does wonders for health.

Goddess Guidance cards. The  goddesses are angelic, powerful, loving beings who want to help you with every part of your life.

Bless family

Had a blast while I was away. Was super excited to come back to Adelaide. I felt so lucky my dad picked me up from the airport. It means so much to me.The gift of time, is the best gift ever.

Make time for people you love, they appreciate it.

I love my baby sister


A lovely cream that is 100 percent raw.

Banana Berry Cream

1 banana
1 teaspoon coconut oil
4 strawberries
1 teaspoon honey
1/4 cup coconut milk


Blend in high speed blender.

A Raw Cake I made during the DETOX, recipe in the NEW Detox Plan.

Kayla Thompson

Natural Naughties Love