I never used to be a huge advocate of supplementation until I started to suffer with my own health issues. That was when I discovered that supplements and super foods really did help to heal my body.

I have found that taking care of my liver and organs can be done through healthy supplementation combined with good diet and exercise. This can result in a decrease in cellulite, anxiety, and lower body fat, as well as an increase in health and vitality.

The supplement I would like to share with all of you is called MSM.

It really appealed to me, since my main focus has been reducing lower body fat and reducing toxicity in those areas. The fact that MSM detoxifies bad oestrogen will contribute to my goals.  

If you hold "body fat" in lower body, especially over the hamstring and butt, it is believed that this is due to toxicity and excess oestrogen. A good diet and training regime with correct supplementation can further assist you.

Superfeast was established in 2011. It started as a small family-run business with a mission to gather the world's greatest health foods and products. It has since grown into a community of experts providing a wider array of superfoods and spreading their message of health throughout the world.

Superfeast MSM
MSM is an organic sulphur that is the key to beautiful skin, hair and nails. Its collagen building properties provide elasticity and healing to the body's connective tissue while acting as a wonderful detoxing agent for general toxic build up.

Here are some of the wonderful benefits of MSM:
  • a potent anti-inflammatory
  • overall pain reduction for the body and joints
  • dissolves bad calcium throughout the body
  • flushing toxins out of the cells
  • a gentle cleanser of the liver
  • increases joint flexibility
  • detoxifies bad oestrogen 

For more information or to order this supplement, visit www.superfeast.com.au.