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Over the weekend, I went to a local supermarket to look into some popular products, and I was shocked to see what parents were putting into their trolleys. White bread, cereal, sugar-loaded energy bars, chips, popcorn, “diet” products and more; I looked into their ingredients, and most contained high amounts of sugar and salt, artificial flavours and preservatives, soy, canola oil and other ingredients that aren’t terribly beneficial for one’s health and well-being. Not only were they loaded with unhealthy additives, these supermarket finds also lacked live and raw nutrients.


I saw many jams with a lot of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients in them.
The problem is that these products are often cleverly marketed. They often state they are “family friendly”, “natural”, “low-fat”, “sugar-free”. That doesn’t mean a whole lot when the ingredients are as unhealthy as they come. Parents shouldn’t just be focusing on labels like “low-fat” or “no fat” – they should be reading the ingredients list, and be more aware of what is going into the foods they give their children.

Natural Naughties prefer whole foods loaded with vitamins and minerals. Always check ingredients and if in doubt check it out.

Parents need to make a proactive approach to food shopping, as recent studies show

  • Australian children have the highest number of allergies in the world
  • Obesity is becoming more prevalent among Australian children and teenagers
  • 1/3 of Australian children consume little or no fruit and/or vegetables at all  

Most the items I saw over the weekend do not earn the Natural Naughties tick. Boxed high sugar breakfast options, dressings and sauces with too much sugar in them...
This all means that Australian children:

  • Are at a high risk of vitamin deficiencies
  • May be at risk of high blood pressure
  • Lack concentration and may develop learning issues
  • Could be at risk of tooth decay
  • May develop high cholesterol or heart disease later in life.  

How to make a change:

  •  Buy fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Always read the ingredient list on packed or pre-packed foods
  • Learn to homemade treats that are full of nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals
  • Educate yourself on healthy foods
  • “When in doubt, check it out!”
  • Shop at health food store.
  • Buy health pre made snacks,Visit for recipes and ideas on natural snack bars, as well as “superfood” options.
Nut Free Snack For kids


1 cup dates
1/2 cup coconut flakes
1/2 cup oats
1 teaspoon carob
1 teaspoon cacao


Blend in food processor.

Roll into balls and toss in coconut flakes

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Kayla Thompson

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