Super Foods For Energy.

I love super foods. I am a "super food" addict for many reasons. I discovered all these amazing super foods through raw food work shops and classes I attended. I am a massive "foodie" so I enjoyed learning how to use these foods in my recipes. I was also excited to discover the benefits, culture and history behind all the super foods. Not to mention excited to smell, taste and see them all.

Natural Naughites quicky became popular due to a range of recipes using "super foods" unfamiliar to most Australians in 2010. Now, super foods are more common and more people are including them into daily diet. They have since started to see and feel the benefits,

What's Natural Naughties tip to ensure you get a range of super foods into your body? Add them to a shake, of course. This is a simple way to consume them and easy as it takes less then a few minutes to prepare shakes.

Natural Naughties Super Food Shake
1 teaspoon raw cacao

1 teaspoon coconut palm sugar
3 golden berries
1/2 teaspoon maca
1/2 banana
1 cup coconut water
(additional water if needed)
Blend together in a high speed blender.

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Kayla Thompson