I sugar that bad?

Many people tend to try and avoid sugar for many different reasons. If avoiding sugar is for "health" reasons then stay away from the artificial sweeteners. As a matter of fact Natural Naughties suggest to stay away from them regardless of most goals as many negative effects may occur.

Some may argue that "sugar" is not the enemy. I believe that "sugar" from processed sources is an enemy and how much sugar you consume even from natural sources with depend on your body and how it responds. I personally find a lower sugar diet works for me. It assists to balance my blood sugar levels, manage weight, assist with well being, health and sleep. If I feel like something sweet I opt for a piece or fruit over an "fake" product.

There are several names for "artificial" sweeteners. Splenda, Equal and Aspartame are some of the common name/brands.

If your concerned about what is in the "food" you are eating then read the ingredient listing as well as the nutrition panel.

Artificial sweeteners hide in several types of products. These include protein powders, diet foods, processed food, low fat products and sugar free products,

There are some common side effects due to consuming. The side effects may include liver issues, memory loss, sleep issues and depression. Effects that are reported shortly after taking these products include bloating, gas and upset stomach.

A great article about artificial sweeteners here >www.mercola.com/Downloads/bonus/aspartame/report.aspx

An alternative to these sweeteners would be

Stevia- Best for weight maintenance as it assist to balance blood sugar levels. Derived from a plant.

Raw Honey- A nutrient dense food that as many health benefits. It is still high in sugar so ensure you consume in small amounts.

Coconut Palm sugar- Very similar texture to sugar making it a great product to recreate sugar rich recipes.

Lucuma Powder- A super food powder that comes from a fruit. Powder Form. Taste a little like caramel. Great source of fibre.

Fruit- Natures candy ;) Fresh or dry fruit can be used as substitutes for sugar.

If you currently using a protein with an artificial and want to try something new i suggest Protein Supplies protein.

The protein is made with a natural sweetner and taste delicious.

Try These Protein Balls

4 scoops brown rice protein
1 cup medjool dates
1/3 cup raw cacao
1 tablespoon coconut oil
2 tablespoons almond butter

Process in a high speed food processor.

Roll into small balls, then toss in coconut flakes

For recipes that are free from white processed sugar check out Natural Naughties e-books.