I love my afternoon tea. It is such a treat. Drinking tea can be a great way to relax and even better when it is slightly sweet. I always have some "stevia" in my bag.

Avoiding sugar can do wonders for your health. Avoiding sugar may mean you have more energy, better moods, better health, a slimmer waist line.. just to name a few of the many benefits. I personally find I feel calmer without sugar. I ditched all processed sugar in 2007 and never looked back. I do not miss it at all. I never feel deprived as I eat balanced foods all the time and try to manage my stress best I can.

I do not consume white or processed sugar, nor do Natural Naughties Recipes contain this ingredient. Natural Naughties recipes contain "natural" sugars from fruit, coconut palm sugar, agave and other natural sweet sources.

If you do have insulin issues or prefer to limit "sugar" in any form then I would suggest you check out "stevia". Stevia is a plant based sweetener that is CALORIE FREE, SUGAR FREE and FAT FREE. 

I have tried a few different brands. I have tried the"herb" fresh (different ;)). The Stevia I prefer to use is the Stevia by Body Ecology. It does not have a bitter after taste and is easy to use. It will not taste as "sweet" or "good" as raw honey or agave BUT I use it daily to manage my blood sugar levels and it works a treat to kill a craving.

This brand can be hard to find. It can be purchased from Heal Your Self online.

Kayla Thompson