We live in an age where we live to eat. But we still need to eat to live. We still need to feed our body with real food, plenty of nutrients, maintain a healthy acid-alkaline balance, have energy to do all the things in life we want to, and we need to enjoy it! Eating more raw food can give us all of this!

Take nuts and seeds. Raw food celebrates these foods and prepares them in ways never seen before. To begin with, they’re often soaked. When we soak nuts and seeds we’re increasing their nutritional value by breaking down or removing any anti-nutrients they many contain. These anti-nutrients can be enzyme inhibitors that interfere with our digestive enzymes and therefore, interfere with the proper digestion of our food. Or the phytic acid, which combines with other nutrients in our body and is then excreted, taking the much needed nutrients with it. They occur naturally in nuts and seeds, but soaking them helps to remove them or break them down. Soaked nuts and seeds are easier to digest, and give us a more nutrient dense food. More value for our dollar and our body! 

When we soak sunflower seeds, we’re giving our body access to a great source of vitamin E, the powerful antioxidant selenium, and plenty of healthy fats. Soak sunflower seeds for 7 hours or overnight in filtered water. Then drain, rinse and please discard the soaking water! It contains the compounds we’re trying to get rid of. 

Then turn them into this amazing Raw Stuffed Capsicum recipe. It’s great for lunch, or to take along and share at social events. Your friends and family will be impressed! It’s full of flavour, loaded with nutrients, and will feel give you plenty of feel-good energy without any grains, gluten or dairy. 


Tanya Leyson

Real Nourishment.


Sunflower Seed Mediterranean Stuffed Capsicums

2-3 red capsicums

110g sunflower seeds

90g sundried tomatoes (free from sulphites), drained and rinsed

150g carrots, roughly chopped

85g zucchini roughly chopped

1 tbs chia or flaxseeds

1 tbs fresh parsley

1 garlic clove

1 tsp oregano

Place the sunflower seeds and sundried tomatoes in a food processor and pulse a couple of times until just combined. Don’t overdo it though. 

Add the roughly chopped carrots and zucchini, chia seeds, parsley, garlic and oregano. Pulse a couple more times until the mixture comes together. 

Half the capsicums and scoop out the seeds and white pith, then fill with the stuffing. Refrigerate until ready to use. Serve as is half, or halve again for a great appetizer!