Natural Naughties Product Test

All my clients support the work that I do and I love when I can support them too :)

I was so happy that Mel send me some samples to try from Arbonne.

Just what I needed. A busy week.. so much happening now...

In many of my E-books I discuss ways to limit and remove toxins that hide in many beauty products.

First option would always be to eat well, and use 100 percent natural and organic products.

I provide recipes in Nourish and the Lifestyle E-book for natural beauty products.

I loved the Arbonne range Mel send me. When I am really busy, it is not possible to make my own and I prefer to use a "cleaner" option.

Arbonne promotes all natural, botanically based, Swiss formulated skin care and beauty products free from chemicals, alcohol, mineral oils, animal fats and by-products, environmentally and vegan friendly (never tested on animals in the 33 years Arbonne 's been around for!) with a pure, safe and beneficial scientifically proven delivery system.

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Mel Reed

Kayla Thompson