I am passionate about herbs and spices. They make everything taste so great and are loaded with health benefits.
At the moment, I am using a lot of Turmeric due to a sprained toe. Turmeric is known to assist with inflammation.


I am excited to share this blog with you on cumin, thanks to support from Saucy Spice Co.

This dip has been inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine. I have always been passionate about learning to create Middle Eastern dishes as they use a range of healthy ingredients. Most ingredients new to me, making it more exciting as I get to explore new foods.

My favourite recipe book at the moment is Albas Middle Eastern cook book. I have numerous amounts of Middle Eastern cook books at home. Many of the ingredients were harder to find when I purchased them, so I found some shops around Australia that sell the items I needed.

  • Lebanese Bakery - South Road
  • Afghan Supermarket - Prospect

Benefits of cumin spice: Cumin is a great source of many minerals and vitamins, including iron. Many research indicates that cumin can stimulate the production of pancreatic enzymes that can assist with digestion. Studies have found that cumin assists with effects of stress on the body.

Cumin Spice Dip

1 cup yogurt (plain)
1/4 cucumber diced (tiny bits)
1/2 teaspoon crushed garlic
1 teaspoon cumin spice

Mix together and serve with raw veggies or sweet potato chips.

*Simply slice sweet potato into "chips", coat with some coconut oil and bake.

For more information on Saucy Spice Co., you can check out their website at www.bulkspices.com.

Kayla Thompson

*This article was written for general tips and to share ideas. Always seek advice from a health professional if you require personal attention.