Just smashed a ten K run this morning and I feel amazing. Running makes me happy and gives me loads of energy for the day. I used to feel frustrated and moody, however, since I’ve started running, I feel great. It really is one of my ‘sweet escapes’.

Given there is so much information based around health and fitness readily available these days, it is common to feel confused by the numerous opinions and conflicting articles one reads. Running isn’t only a form of exercise that can assist with weight loss and toning the body, but it has an overall impact on your well-being. Some people prefer short distance sprints to get their heart rate up. Sure, sprints can be great and also time effective, but you need to find what works for you.

I personally really enjoy running and find that as long as I’m not overdoing it; I feel stronger, happier and overall healthier. 
When I am running and fueling my body with whole foods I feel amazing. I know my limits and listen to my body.

A few years ago I was doing too much running and under eating and that resulted in fatigue.

I enjoy long distance running as I feel it is a great way to "tune" out and actually "de-stress".

There are several benefits associated with running, some of which I have listed below.
    Running assists with:
      • Burning plenty of calories
      • Maintaining a healthy weight
      • Strengthening muscles
      • Fitness levels
      • Mood enhancing
      • Soaking up Vitamin D (if running outside)
      • And best of all, it is an exercise that doesn’t cost any money and can be done at times that are convenient for busy people.

      Running tips for beginners:
      • If you're not active, start by walking or light jogging.
      • Begin with short runs and increase the time you run each week.
      • Stretching and warming up is important to prevent injury.
      • Rest days are important to avoid "over training".
      • Wear appropriate footwear to keep your feet safe.
      • Find a good place to run. Pavement can be harsh, but grassy areas are great.
      • Train your mind, stay positive, and believe in yourself.
      • Set goals such as distance.

      Tips on what to look for with running shoes:
      • Injuries occur from poorly fitted running shoes. Avoid wearing really old shoes. 
      • A good running shoe should bend easily.
      • Comfort is the key.
      • The shoe should not be extremely tight or snug. 
      • The fit should not be too snug.
      • When shopping for running shoes, wear socks that you will wear on your run.

      Not sure how to get motivated to get going. How about some new runners that are not only trendy but are also supportive? I did some browsing on the net earlier and suggest you check out Slashsport for quality runners.

      Kayla Thompson