Natural Naughties Raw Food Class over the weekend was a great success.

It was a blessing to be surrounding by such positive and open people wanting to learn more about healthy foods.

In just over 2 hours I created, green smoothies, almond milk, bliss balls, raw pasta and a raw sauce. In this 2 hours .I also spoke about raw food utensils, ingredients and other health related tips.

Here are some photos from the day
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Common Questions

Where can you get stevia and what is it?
Stevia is a plant based alterative to sugar that is naturally sweet. No calories or sugar. Great in herbal teas or raw food creations. Avaiable from Heal yorurseflf (find lnk in tabs0
Where do you buy a spiroli?
Raw Blend sell a spiroli that allows you to make "suxxhini" strips from veggotes"
What is a good blender?
Natural Naughties Use a Vita Mix from Raw Blend
What is a go juice?
Kuvings Juicer
Places to stock super foods?
Power super foods

Recipe from the day

Bliss Balls

1 cup prunes
1/4 cup raw cacao
1/4 cup almonds
1/4 cup coconut flakes
1/4 cup goji berries

Process together in a food processor.

Form into balls

Toss in coconut flakes


"I enjoyed the class as you made jokes, very friendly and also a good size class". Priya.

"I enjoyed the demonstrations and asking questions, some how it seems more complicated unless you have someone show you. Also I never knew raw food would taste so good. Was shocked to really enjoy the raw pasta and green smoothie" Priya

Highlight from the day

It was so inspiring to hear some amazing story from two clients at the event. They shared a story how there father lost a lot of weight on a raw food diet and also cured illness. Diabetes being one of the illness and if i remember correct cancer. He ad tried everything and was about to give up.

"Made these today. we have been inspire, thanks for the class" Heidi.

Next class

To secure a place to a class check out the "events" and "shop" tab on Natural Naughties website.

Kayla Thompson