Raw Food Class

Raw Food Class
On Sunday I taught 18 students about the benefits of raw food. I spoke about the benefits of super foods.The importance of eating more alkaline foods. Soaking nuts and seeds for Optimal health. I introduced new organic products and super foods. We had lots if fun in the kitchen too creating lots of yummy raw food.

On the day I also gave each student a "Goddess Guidance Oracle Card, Doreen Virtue, phd". It was a very personal thing to do. As I was doing a few readings I had "Goose bumps", very accurate. I feel I am able to give very accurate readings to myself and others since meditating more and being more open to the universe. I read my cards often, they are all positive and provide me with guidance. 

On the day I made a green smoothie, raw pasta, raw sauce, raw protein calls, raw avocado cake, raw tapas and a yummy raw cheese. All these recipes are gluten free, dairy free, healthy, natural and kids love them.

For these recipes check out The Life style e-book and Nourish.

Raw Pasta Dish

Raw Cashew Cheese

A dairy free cheese. This was the most popular recipe on the day!


1 cup cashews (soaked)
1 banana
1 lemon, juice
2 tablespoons coconut nectar
1 teaspoon cinnamon


Blend in a high speed blender

Serve over berries and walnuts.

Guest Speaker

Kate Alderman from Tidy Training spoke about the benefits of eating whole foods for a lean body. Kate made protein pancakes using an amazing calorie free flour (Tidy Oat Fibre). The pancakes she made in the dutch pancake maker tasted and looked amazing.

For more details on Kate, her services, books or products visit www.tidytraining.com.au

Tidy Oat Pancakes

I have had so much feedback from the day!

 Thanks for holding the raw food class on Sunday. I really enjoyed myself and gained lot's of inspiration to be able to make all the recipes myself. I am committed to making these changes in my life and I thank you for helping me make it achievable.


Thanks for your email. I really enjoyed your class on Sunday. I regularly read your blog and post etc on FB and your website so it was great to meet you in person - wonderful to see you are as passionate in person :)


Thank you for a great day. I am inspired to try your raw foods and to share them with my 13 grandchildren.


Thanks for a great class on raw foods Kayla!

It's great to add lots of clean, yummy 'naughties'' to my diet.....and your readings were just perfect :)


Thank you so much for today. The class was amazing and i learned so much.I had no idea raw and vegan food was so yummy, healthy and versatile  I can't wait to get my e-book! :-)


Thank You!

A special thanks to Bec for assisting me on the day. Everything went to well. I am lucky to have the support of so many great people.

Bec and I at Higher Health

"DISCOVER, It is hard to feel tense when you're learning something you want to know, and you can learn from the most unlikely place"

 Kayla Thompson