Raw food for mums and bubs, Kayla Thompson

Bliss balls made by a client.

Last Monday I taught a raw food class with Nutrition guru, Kelly. The class was held at Rainbow Tree, a natural parenting shop. I really wanted to work with like minded people who share the same passion as me. Also demand for this type of class was high. I have a new baby sister, so learning more about Natural Parenting interests me alot.

To get in touch with Kelly in regards to child nutrition, contact me and I will provide her details. I was blown away by her knowledge.

Teaching that class on Monday, I can't help but reflect on my child hood. Thinking of the foods I ate as a child and my early learning experiences. Some food choices very natural, some not so natural. I am half Italian so alot of my child hood memories are at 'nonnas'. Picking fresh fruit, veggies and nuts from the garden. As a child I loved fruit and veggies. My nonna has a massive garden and grew so many different types of veggies and fruits. However being Italian meant I also did eat pasta and white bread. Not the right food for my body, that would explain so many allergies, headaches.......Some of the food options I had as a child probably still affect my healthy today.....

The best way to learn what foods do and do not work for the body is through trial and error. For details on metabolic type testing please contact me.

This is the reason I think it is so important to be a pro active parent, Learn about healthy living now and pass your knowledge onto your children. As a child alot of children including myself would have pre bought snacks at school, not beneficial for health. I wish back then Acai Berry bars existed. A better snack option for school lunch box.

Amazonia sell Acai Berry bars that are a great idea for a lunch box snack. They contain all natural ingredients and are nutrient dense. If you want to make your own, you can buy the acai berry powder. Add in to Bliss balls.

Monday night was a great event. All ladies attended, we also had two children at the event. On the night each client was given a goodie bag, handouts and recipe sheets. Kelly spoke about the following topics, introducing solids, super foods for children, nutrition for pregnant mothers. I demonstrated 3 raw food recipes. Spirulina nut free ball, carob and banana cream, a green smoothie.

My next class will be in October, please check my events tabs to book into a class.

It was a fun night, games, nibbles and some great specials in the store at Rainbow Tree. We also had the owner of Eco shop, bring in to ethical lunch boxes, bottles and other goodies.

Rainbow Tree is a natural Parent shop. The shop is located on Magil road. They sell a range of goodies, natural skincare, bottles, childs clothing and more.

I will share a recipe from the night.

Carob Cream

A quick and easy recipe for children.


2 bananas or use avocado
4 tablespoons carob (caffeine free)
1/4 cup chi coconut water (hydrates)
1 tablespoon coconut oil (healthy fats)
sweetner optional, agave or honey


Blend in high speed blender

On the night we served this 'cream' over fresh berries.

For more Raw Food Recipes and Superfoods that you can share with the entire family, order The Natural Naughties Raw food e-book.

In the class we encourage you 'hide' superfoods in childrens food to ensure they get nutrients. Make food fun, Rename raw food recipes. I call green smoothies, shrek smoothies. Buy pretty lunch boxes, patty liners, use colours and different shapes.

Spirulina was spoken about on the night. It is beneficial for pregnant woman and children. It is loaded with nutrients, plant based and easy to digest. As many people do not like the taste of spirulina, I suggest to hide this magic green powder in Bliss balls or other goodies.

Natural Naughties <3

Kayla Thompson