Last week I was very excited to attend the Rainbow Tree open night in Adelaide.The Rainbow Tree team are passionate about natural parenting, conscious buying and safe products. The store is beautiful and the shop has a range of great products including toys, clothes, drink bottles, nappies and more.

*Visit to check out the products.

Natural Naughties supported the event as we have many mothers and pregnant woman who attend my Raw Food classes and are trying to make conscious eating habbits to pass onto their children. The Raw Foods are so important for mothers who are pregnant, breastfeeding or want to feed their children a diet rich in antioxidants and nutrients.

*Natural Naughties provide a book listing in personal plans for mothers, this way they can get some great advice. A Natural Naughties favourite book is Feeding the bump, Nutrition and pregnancy recipes, Lisa Neal. This book includes great nutrition information for mothers, includes lots of raw foods too. Food is medicine.

On the night Natural Naughties provided nibbles, included Raw Cashew Cheese Dip, Raw Veggie Flaxeed Crackers and raw veggie sticks. The Cashew Cheese was a huge hit on the night. The Cashew cheese gets its lovely bright colour from Turmeric. This dip is raw, vegan and nutrient dense.

*These recipes are in my Raw Food and Lifestyle e-book order online, Mothers day special offer ends today! $24.95.

Turmeric is very beneficial to health and is known to strengthen bones, improve skin, has anti inflammatory properties and more. Turmeric is great for those who are expecting a child as it makes the skin supple. If you are planning a pregnancy then apply a mix of turmeric and curd to your tummy before a bath, make sure you leave it on for at least 15 minutes before washing it off.The sooner you start this the more elastic your skin will be and will reduce the risk of stretch marks.
Another great skin care product to use would be super food coconut oil as a skin lotion. Free from toxins! Learn other benefits of this super food in The Natural Naughties lifestyle e-book.
I made the flax crackers on the night as flax seeds are a great souce of omega 3. Omega 3 is essential in the pregnancy diet. It is needed to produce reproductive hormones, for growth of the placenta It is one of the best foods for the babys brain. My step mum who has just been blessed with a child claims that her child is so alert as she was taking her omega 3.

On the night I met many great people, including massage therapist, naturopaths and other health professionals. Was great to see so many parents who want to provide a great, healthy and natural approach for their children, Holistic health :). Kelly Lulic was present on the night.I had heard of Kelly before as she also is a huge fan of the raw foods. Kelly is a qualified Nutritionist and mum. Kelly has a special interest in womans health, fertility, pregnanacy, hormonal imbalance and childrens and infants health.Kelly uses a holistic approach to health. On the night Kelly provided some nutrient dense bliss balls that tasted great!

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Kelly and some other health professionals spokeon the night, was very imformative and interesting.

In the break I got a chance to mingle with the guests and staff members. Was great to see a past student and client, who is now a grandmother. This student attended my Raw Protein Class with her husband. He was tested for low protein in the diet. I suggested that he have 1 serve a day of the Raw Protein and see how that goes. After 6 weeks, he went to the doctor again and results had improved! It always feels great when my clients tell me how Natural Naughties advice has helped them improve health.

*We now have Raw protein in the e-shop,, include FREE recipes.

Towards the end of the night, the raffle was drawn. Several gifts were donated including the Natural Naughties Raw Food e-book. I was lucky enough to win a Natural Beauty haircare kit. We all walked away with a goodies bag that included ghee, spirulina, zinc supplement, natural soaps, lotions, massage oil, information on natural parenting and much more. One particular sample i loved in the goodie bag was the Natural Soup by Dr Bronners.All natural, no synthetic foaming agents and made with ingredients that include hemp oil, jojoba oil and other beneficial oils.

*For details on an upcoming event in Adelaide that is designed to educate the public on the harm of toxins please email

Pregnancy Superfood Bliss ball

These are so yummy and loaded with nutrients and vitamins that are great for mothers, or just anyone who wants a healthy treat!


1 cup almonds
1 cup medjool dates
1 banana
1/4 cup carob
1/3 cup shredded coconut
1 tablespoon goji berries
1 tablespoon coconut oil


Blend all ingredients in a food processor until combined. Roll into balls, then coat in coconut or carob. Set in fridge.

*You can replace carob with cacao. However if you are pregnant or giving these to a child i would limit cacao as it does contain caffeine.

*For more advice on Natural Parenting please email, we can assit with a plan, recipes or provide some great referals.

Happy Mothers Day!

Natural Naughties Love

Kayla Thompson <3