Manuka Honey is not a new "super food" to me. My dad has always been a huge "advocate" of the tasty honey. When ever I was sick or complained of dry lips... My dad suggested Manuka Honey. My dad is pretty much against most antibiotics ect (in most cases) and has always tried to encourage us to heal our self holistically. I appreciate his efforts more now then I did as a child. Let me tell you visiting the naturopath all the time as a child was not my idea of fun :/...

Firstly let me say it has never been hard to convince me to consume Manuka Honey as it taste AMAZING. I actually would not mind an excuse to have more of it ;) I love it in hot water with some lemon in it too. That is the perfect "immune boosting" combo.

I have just got a jar of The Pure Origin Honey and it is quality. I am going to be using this honey at My Raw Food Class this Saturday. I will be demonstrating raw recipes for health and Belinda from Skin care with food will be making Natural Skin Care.

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Manuka Honey Face Mask

1 tablespoon manuka honey
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cup organic yogurt.

Mix the ingredients together
Apply to your face with finger tips
Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse off.

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Kayla Thompson