"Where can I purchase ingredients from?

Natural Naughties Raw Ice cream, recipe in The Raw Food and Lifestyle e-book

Many clients ask me where they can find some of the ingredients I mention that are loaded with health benefits.

I am very impressed that now days the super foods and healthy ingredients I use in my treats are easier to find.

I have recently seen coconut oil and other super foods just at the supermarket.

If you are limited for time then shop online.

Shopping online is a great way to order all your goodies and a one stop, shop too.

A great place to shop online is Pure Balance Online Health.

Pure Balance online Health sell a range of products

*Organic Skin and Hair Care
*Super Foods
*Cleaning Products
*Australian Bush Flower Essence
*Children's well being

Pure Balance Sell my favorite water. SAKA WATER.

I tasted this water for the first time at the Body, Mind and Spirit Expo.

I am hooked, tasted so smooth...

Did you know that most of what we eat and drink is acidic? Saka water is alkaline This water has an outstanding 8.22ph alkaline balance with essential minerals.

Try My Saka Water Shake

Natural Naughties Datorade Saka Shake


200ml Saka water
1/4 cup goji berries
1/4 cup medjool dates
1 teaspoon raw cacao


Blend in a vitamix blender.

Serves 1

Shop Online www.purebalanceonlinehealth.com.au