Product Review


- Pure Wellness

Produce-Egg white protein

Benefits- No dairy, no soy, all natural, gluten free, low fat and high in protein

Taste- This protein taste OK and I can drink it, I tried another brand last week and it was HORRID, in the bin!

Texture- It can be a little "gluggy" so to achieve the best texture possible, shake or blend well.

How it made me feel-
Most protein powders can hurt my tummy or "ruin" my digestion. This was light and easy to digest.

Why I love this product
-I like a pure protein that is made from eggs as I am a "protein' type and I respond well on an "animal" based protein, This is pure and I can add my own flavour, other brands often contain artificial flavours and sweetners.

Natural Naughties Egg white Shake recipe

A quick and easy natural shake.


1 scoop eggwhite protein
3 berries
teaspoon stevia
1/2 cup coconut water
1/2 cup water


Blend in high speed blender

The Verdict- Overall this is a great product. It needs some things added to it to taste good. The texture will not be as smooth as making it with fresh eggs, however it is perfect for when you are really busy. I am really happy to continue using this to further more see what results it provides.