Natural Naughties 'Approved" Protein Powder.

Today I got my Professional Whey Protein Powder. I am very excited as the protein is all natural, free from artificial additives and also made from pastured fed cows.

I am using this protein powder as due to a busy lifestyle I need to ensure I get enough protein into my diet to fit my own macros. I find if I under eat I am unable to maintain or build muscle. I hope your all eating to achieve your goals too.

I also am loving the convenience of having a shaker in my bag, to help me survive longer training sessions with out hunger pains! You should try it too.

I got the natural flavor and will add the following to the protein to make it taste AMAZING.

Cacao powder, Lucuma, Goji berry powder and Stevia.

I am sure you will also love these yummy super food shakes.

As I am a personal trainer I often get asked many questions about Protein Powders and wanted to share my own personal thoughts. I am passionate about helping others achieve goals.

Common Questions

Do I need a protein powder?

You can get all the protein you need from real food.  However if your goals are to build muscle and drop body fat you may need to eat a higher protein diet and due to busy lifestyles it can be hard to get that all from real food. So shakes can be very convenient. My clients always keep a shaker with protein powder in the car in case they are unable to eat a meal.

Will protein powder make me lose weight?

I believe that if combined with a good nutrition plan and training program then yes. Higher protein diets are linked to weight loss. Protein is likely to keep you full for loner to avoid over eating. Over eating can contribute to extra body fat ;)

Will protein powder make me bulky?

No. Eating too much will result in more body fat, covering your muscles making you look bulky. In actual fact if you follow a good training and nutrition plan you will appear smaller and leaner. If one feels they are building too much muscle and would look to change physique, I would suggest to look at your nutrition and training regime to find ways to make changes to assist with your goals.

There are so many protein powders on the market, what should I use?

I suggest to find the protein that works for you. If you can't have dairy pick a good pea protein or raw one. If you can tolerate whey then I  often suggest Professional Whey as it is free from artificial additives. Trial and error is key to see what provides the best result for you.

Professional Whey Recipes

Cacao Protein Coconut Shake


1 cup coconut water
1/2 cup ice
1 scoop protein powder
1 tablespoon goji berries
1 teaspoon raw cacao


Blend in a high speed blender

Protein Truffle Hearts


8 tablespoons coconut oil
2 scoops protein powder
4 teaspoons cacao
stevia or agave


Melt coconut oil, mix all ingredients together, pour into liners, freeze.


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Kayla Thompson, Master Personal Trainer

*Disclaimer. Always consult advice from a health professional if you have medical issues or concerns. Information and research in this blog is only intended to share Natural Naughties thoughts and opinions. Natural Naughties does not take any responsibility for health issues in regards to this blog post. ;)