Pushing it to the limits

I feel like writing about something a little different. I have been doing a little reflection and feel like writing a blog about ME. No products, no recipes, just me, my crazy life and crazy things I do that some view as a little mad. They all contribute to the person I am today.

Last week I was training at the gym and spoke to a body builder about the "catch 22" issues with body building and trying to build a dream physique. I mention I have increased my weights, cleaned up my diet, back into isolations and had a few soft injuries. I'm feeling good, but I must admit when I have a more relaxed approach to diet and training, I do get less injuries and have more energy, although meditation has helped drastically.

This body builder did mention his "cutting" diet which showed great results; he was leaner and dropped a lot of weight (I could see that) Then as time went on, he started to feel crappy and cranked up the carbs and body fat came back rapidly. Perhaps he struggles to lose body fat due to issues such as stress and diet. Sometimes I wish I could prep other people and have them change so many things. Not everyone is a protein type.

See, there is a line; healthy and fit and closer to ripped and shredded. Healthy and fit is a balance of good foods and training. Most people are not so genetically gifted to be ripped and shredded or do not desire to be??? Often the average person has to push the limits to get this result. It can mean endless cardio, hardcore diet..... These days you will hear more people "training smarter not longer". It just depends on your body and your goals.

My goals in 2010 were to compete, get to a certain body fat level and weight. I wanted to push the limits. I knew the diet was not healthy. I knew where I wanted to be and how I was going to get there. I am not here to lie. I am not going to say my energy was great all the time or that mentally it was easy. It was a lot of work; diet and cardio. Lots of it. WHY? Because I needed to fight my body. If I was to listen to my body, I would not have achieved the results I wanted.

Week by week, I would check the scales to ensure I was dropping and if not, amp up the cardio. Although I say it was tough, it was exciting to see changes in the body, to work on my body like it was a  masterpiece. This prep was my life. I would never ever skip a meal, have an extra gram of protein or touch a veggie of any colour but green. I was determined. Every lunch break was spent alone due to me feeling cranky or people complaining about my lunch. I do realise now I could have been happier and not let it take over my life, or tell people what I was doing; but I guess there was some fear.. fear of judgement, fear of telling me not to do it. 

Getting leaner and leaner, tougher and tougher, clothes falling off, face drawn in, comments from strangers, appetite over the roof.... . Not giving up on my runs even though I was in pain and agony, running at 4 am for cardio or meal prepping....

Although it was tough, I liked that. I liked that is was not easy. I liked having to work hard. I liked the fact that all this brought another side out of me. I lost so many friends (bad quality). I simply had no time for rubbish. Today I have so much less drama in my life. My friends are all fantastic.

I remember the day I felt my back come through and my tummy get leaner; I could hold it tight with no fat. This is something I NEVER thought was genetically possible as I store fat in the tummy. This was amazing. I was amazed at how I could tweak things.

One day I was so flat.  Being a raw foodie I never touched a coffee, but was so so flat and was desperate to have a calorie-free pick me up. I am no idiot; I know I needed an apple, carbs or just calories BUT they would not help me achieve my look. So soon into prep coffee after coffee to stay awake and survive another day...

One day in class, panic attack, jitters, crazy heart beats. Not sure if the training, coffee or my mind was bringing this on, forgetting things.... It did not matter, was not going to give up. I was going to step on stage,to fail was not an option.

There were times I thought, I can't maintain this all year around... I am too lean; what will happen after?' I shut off that part of my mind. I would worry about it later. It was the best way...............

Check out my training regime and comp diet in MY 5 DAY SPLIT.

*I provided a "cutting" phase diet, however the guidelines are general so you can achieve results and still look and feel healthy.

Kayla xx