The term "post comp blues" refers to the mental state after a competition of an "athlete" that as competed in a competition. The mental state of an athlete may influence the physical health of the athlete too.

Feeling down after a competition seems to be more common. An athlete has reached a goal that they worked really hard at and now it has come to an end. But really, this should be a happy time to celebrate achievements, be proud of what you have accomplished, and enjoy life's balance. It is also a time to focus on assisting the body and mind to feel more "relaxed".

I will be the first to admit that I have not always experienced the best mental and physical states after competitions. Thoughts scared me, change scared me, stories scared me, other people's experiences scared me. Being too hard on myself and not having gratitude also contributed to feeling the "blues".

One thing I know is that we learn from all experiences and I aim to share mine to assist others to learn from my own mistakes.

Natural Naughties Tips: <3

Stop dieting - If you needed to go on a restricted diet plan to get "shredded", it is time to stop. Not eating enough calories or fats, over time, may damage your mind, metabolism and body. If you’re feeling like crap, your body will start to hate you. You need to fuel your body with good foods so you survive. Your energy needs to be up so you can train to progress. Many people think they are okay because they are running on adrenalin. Over time, too much of anything is just too much. 

It is a good idea to slowly introduce calories back into the diet. This is often known as "reverse" dieting. Making change to quickly may result in an un wanted "rebound".
Kill that cheat meal - That "epic" cheat. The one you spend the most time waiting for. I suggest killing it. You do not need it anymore. You can eat a balance of healthy food during the week to not crave the junk. You’re getting enough calories throughout the week so a reefed is probably not necessary. If you like to go out and indulge once a week that's fine. However, you should not be losing control. If you continue the strict dieting though, one cheat meal a week may turn into 3. It can be a vicious pattern.
Gain weight if you need to - Having really low body fat all-year-round is not healthy. If you’re not getting your periods, feeling tired or moody, this may be an indication your body needs to be healthy to get back into balance. Do not panic if you gain a little weight as that is only normal. You’re great the way you are. A healthy body is a gift.
Mind set - You must have a strong mind to follow such a strict and intense plan. But you can further achieve a healthy body and mind. Speak kindly about yourself, read positive books, and have mantras and affiliations to keep you going.
Find balance - Sure, prepping your healthy meals is a good idea all the time. But keep up your training, go out with friends, do not panic if you miss a day at the gym. Enjoy life.
Cardio - Many people find they need to do either "cardio" or some high intense training to manage weight off-season. From my observation, runners, cross fitters, dancers, and boxers are in a healthy weight range all year around. They look good and are able to eat a range of foods, meaning they’re not on a restricted calorie diet. Most body builders that get low body fat on season and off season seem to gain a lot of weight. This could be due to several reasons. Find what works for your body "off season" as well as on season.
Ensure your health is okay - Depending on your coach, mind set and body during competition, you may have caused some issues that are affecting your mood and energy. I suggest to see a naturopath to see if any health issues are affecting you.
Things I have worked on:
  • metabolism damage
  • gut health
  • spiritual work
  • deficiencies

Work on goals and things you want. Many people compete and decide it was not for them. It did not make them happy. Learn from this experience. What do you want? Why do you want it? How will it make you feel?

Remember to be proud of your achievements and learn from them in the future.

My shoot with Marilyn Mara was a great success. Felt happy before and after the shoot :) 
"Happiness is a journey not a destination."

Kayla Thompson