Picture above, Natural Naughties Raw Cacao chocolate in My Natural Naughties plan, you can always replace the raw cacao with carob for a detox treat!

Addicted to CHOCOLATE

Over the last 4 weeks I have not had any caffeine at all. I feel fantastic! Lots of energy, improved skin, more focus, better mood and feeling very happy! I have been drinking plenty of water, herbal teas and the best white tea by Tielka. To order some Tielka tea contact me, order my plan book before March 3rd for a FREE sample! Caffeine is a stimulant, often it gives us a "kick" then later a "crash". Other symptons too much caffeine can cause are depression, anxiety, stress, racing heart, sleep disturbances, insomnia, fatigue, acne and more. I am suprised to say i have not had any headaches or symptoms. When on a detox it is a common side affect!

As i decided to go stimulant free, I decided to also remove raw cacao from my diet. This was a challange as I am a chocaholic! Raw cacao does have some health benefits but should still be used in moderation and not too close to bed time. To learn more about the benefits of raw cacao and when to consume it email naturalnaughties@hotmail.com. Also find the raw cacao chocolate recipe in my plan book. I will eventually reintroduce my love raw cacao but not coffee! I just thought it would be a great little test! If i can do it, you can all lead a healthy lifestyle too!

Goodnews for me as i am a huge chocolate fan, carob has a chocolate like taste. Even better news it is caffeine free, low in calories and caffeine free! Carob contains vitamins A, B2, magnesium, calcium, chromium, potassium, trace minerals iron and more! To find out more about carob please email naturalnaughties@hotmail.com

Carob is know to help with nausea, vomitting and upset tummy . I suggest it in my plans for those expecting a baby as these are common side affects, I do not suggest pregnant woman have caffeine. Carob is great for children and those sensitive to caffeine.

Carob banana "ice-cream"

Great for an after dinner treat or a healthy alternative to store bough "icecream" for children! So simple too make!!


2 bananas, spotty ones mean they are ready to eat
1/3 cup coconut oil melted
1/3 cup carob powder
1/4 cup honey (optional)
1/4 cup coconut flakes
1/4 cup oats (optional)

To garnish

Banana or berries


add superfoods
crushed nuts
hide in a bit of spirulina
goji berries

It't up to you!


Make it with your family!


Mash two large ripe bananas, mix in coconut oil, honey, carob and coconut flakes. Mix all together well, Pour mixture into a dish lined with baking powder. Flatten mixture. Freeze then cut into squares. Garnish with banana slices or coconut flakes!


*This is a edited version of the Natural Naughties banana icecream in my plan book! To order my plan book please go to the order tab. Recipes using cacao can be replaced with carob!

Thats it for today, i am going to make myself a carob orange shake as a great healthy "pick me up"

Check out all my events and I hope to see you all soon!

Natural Naughties Love <3