Sunday was a great day! I was blessed to teach raw food recipes to 13 ladies. The event was held at Higher Health. Higher Health provides natural beauty services. I love to work with others who are passionate about health and well-being.


This Natural Naughties class was inspired by my trip to Thailand this year. During my time away I learned the importance of meditation, rest and connecting the mind with the body. Throughout my fast with the assistance of some natural supplements and limited juices I was able to clean my colon. (I did post a blog about those experience)

I took home some great ideas! I was very excited to share them with my clients. So this class covered juicing. The liver cleanse juice was one of my favourite will away. I will share this recipe.

Liver Cleanse Juice


4 carrots
2 oranges
1 tablespoon olive oil


Juice according to you juicers instructions.

Other recipes covered on the day, raw salad, raw almond dressing, raw protein balls, raw green smoothie, raw orange shake and a raw hemp seed chocolate shake.

I was very fortunate to have Kate Alderman, Personal Trainer and founder of Tidy Training attend my workshop. Kate spoke about the benefits of Tidy Fibre. .

For more recipes please check out The Natural Naughties Lifestyle e-book.

Book into my next class on the 27th January, all details under the events tab.
*avocado cake, raw cashew cheese, raw pasta and more on the menu <3

Kayla Thompson