Natural Naughies Slice

Served with fresh apples and cinnamon

You can freeze these slices or individually wrap for "snacks" on the go.

This slice is quick, easy and healthy! I love peanut butter a lot so i try to include it in with some of my meals/snacks to avoid eating it straight out the jar ;) CAUTION peanut butter can be ADDICTIVE and is high in calories so portion control is advised.


2 small apples
1 cup ground oats
1 teaspoon cinnamon
4 teaspoons natural peanut butter
1 cup egg whites


Process in a high speed blender
Grease a baking tin with a little peanut butter
Pour in the "mixture".
Cook on low/medium heat until the "slice" is cooked.
You will know it is ready when "firm".
The slice takes around 15 minutes to cook, suggested to check it every few minutes
Allow to cool.

Natural Peanut butter is FREE from salt, sugar or other oils. You can use other nut butters in place of Peanut butter. I use egg whites in this recipe instead of whole eggs as the peanut butter already provides enough healthy fats in this slice. Eggwhites contain most of the protein and the egg yellow most of the fat. The yellow is still healthy for you as it contains a range of nutrients. You can purchase eggwhites to make this recipe quick!

A high speed blender allows me to make creations in no time. I use a VITA MIX from Raw Blend.

Oats are used in this recipe as they are affordable when purchased in bulk. If you have intolerance you can replace the oats with almond meal. You can buy affordable bulk products from Bulk Whole Foods.

 The apple in this creation makes is sweet enough to not need to add any sugar. If you would like the treat to be sweeter add in come coconut palm sugar. I recently got some from Power Super Foods and it taste amazing.

Love to see some photos ;) Post them to the Natural Naughties Wall.

Serves 4