This peanut butter shake is easy to make, dairy free, gluten free and vegan.

Peanut butter seems to be a weakness amoung many people. I can understand why! It taste amazing. It can be hard to stop at just a little bit so be careful before you open the jar. Peanuts are calorie dense meaning that you should not eat unlimited amounts :) They are calorie dense yet still filling per "serve". That may mean you actually stay full for longer resulting in eating less throughout the day.

I pick to buy "natural" peanut butter. It contains nothing but peanuts unlike many other nut butters. Some brands of peanut butter contain veggie oil, salts, sugars....

I often make my own "nut" butters in my Vita Mix. It is very easy to do. Instructions and recipes are provided in the e-book Nourish. You can purchase that e-book from the e-store.

I find that shakes assist to keep me full for longer. I use water in place of milk because I limit dairy, and this is a great way to cut down on additional calories.

1 small banana
1.5 cups water
1 tablespoons peanut butter

Blend in a high speed blender. 

I use a Vitamix as it is high speed and provides the best texture. Check out Raw Blend for more utensils.

Kayla Thompson