Healthy Pancakes for everyone

As a child....

Did you like pancakes as a child? I sure did. My nonna used to make the best pancakes at least once a week. My favourite topping was sugar and lemon. My sister and I always helped nonna in the kitchen. Learning from my Italian grandmother still influences all my recipes today!

Natural and healthy..

Despite how amazing the pancakes nonna made, they contained ingredients that are not Natural Naughties approved.  I have recreated pancakes made with healthy ingredients. Still yummy too.
More Inspiration

In 2010 dieting down for comps meant I was on a diet. I still wanted to be able to enjoy good food.  I got creative with my vitamix to create some diet friendly, guilt free pancakes. People would be suprised how much great food I was eating and LOTS of it!


Natural Naughties always like to be a little naughty, so some sweet pancakes are on the menu too. Did i mention naughty toppings...peanut butter...mmmmm. Perfect for party food.

Something different,,,,
Who said a pancake needs to be sweet?
I have made savoury recipes too. Enjoy them any time of the day.


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Pancake toppings...

Chocolate, guilt free chocolate, peanut butter treats, coconut delight, tahini and fig spread.

Shopping list

Makes it easy for you to stock up on ingredients. Replace the unhealthy ones with good ones.

What you will need

The best utensils and tools that we use in The Natural Naughties kitchen to get great results.

Storage and other tips

Great tips to save time and money.
Sneak peak recipe

Low carb strawberry pancakes

4 eggwhites
1/2 cup strawberry

DirectionsBlend in vitamix, lighty fry on each side.


Mix will be a little soft, if that bothers you add 1/4 cup almond meal or protein powder before cooking.

You can also add a egg yellow for healthy fats.

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Kayla Thompson