Paleo Bars

Today some PALEO bars arrived in the post. So yummy! These bars make the perfect snack as they are made with real ingredients and are free from nasty ingredients.

These bars are made from assorted nuts, coconut oil, cocoa and dates. The coconut oil and nuts provide quality fats that are Optimal for the body. The cocoa is a great source of vitamins and minerals. YES, I love chocolate ;) The dates make these bars naturally sweet and filling. I find dates to be a great source of "energy".

So Paleo? I started to eat whole and natural foods, limiting grains ect is 2007. I decided to convert to what some refer to as a  "Paleo diet" without thinking about it too much or knowing it was even called "Paleo" . ;) I cut out all processed food, grains and dairy as suggested by a trainer.I noticed a difference in my health, energy, and physique within a few weeks!

I never felt deprived or restricted.  I was not on a "diet", so there were no restrictions or rules. I ate when I felt like it. I did not even weigh my meals or limit my intake of tasty food.

Being on a "paleo" diet does not always mean one achieves ideal body composition, health or weight loss. The amount of foods you eat, type of foods and quality must also be taken into consideration. If I was too eat nothing but steak and unlimited amounts of nut butter I would not feel healthy or energetic. I do believe that the principles of Paleo eating MAY assist with health in many cases if you listen to your own body! JUST EAT REAL FOOD ;)

Sample foods often eaten on a Paleo diet are fruit, meat, fish, quality fats, sea veggies, and veggies.

I must admit at first friends and family found my breakfast options "different". A standard breakfast was meat and veggies, or eggs fried in organic coconut oil.

It is kind of "fuNny" how people who consume "packet" breakfast options loaded with artificials think it is wrong to eat "real food".?? Could this be due to clever "marketed" products. Who ever said we need to eat toast or Corn Flakes to kick start the day?

Over the years I have experimented and played with my "diet". I am most happy eating as close to Paleo as I possible. I am still eating correct ratio of macro nutrients for my own body.

From time to time, I may have something different. This is how I achieve my happy level of balance. :) I think anything to "obsessive" can damage a "healthy mind".

Try This Yummy Paleo Milk, great alternative to "Milk":

1 cup soaked almonds
1 tablespoon raw cacao
1/2 teaspoon raw honey
4 cups water

Blend in a high speed blender.
Use a muslin cloth to strain the almonds.
Drink the almond milk.

*Keep left over "Pulp" to make cookies! You can find the recipe In The Natural Naughties Lifestlye e-book, available at the e-store.

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Kayla Thompson