It is true that some foods can be very high in nutrients. However, the body does not always absorb those nutrients from the food. We all know how important it is to provide the body with nutrients.

One thing that stuck in my head over the past few weeks while on a detox and raw food certification course was Dr. Amy telling us that most people are de-mineralized and not actually  always hungry.

It made sense to me as I know loads of people who are eating all the time. They also eat large amounts, but they are always tired and hungry.

Then you have a raw vegan who survives on less food and is beaming with energy. I can relate, having been a raw vegan for 2 years, basically living on green juices.

There is no point eating a tonne of nutrient dense food if your body is not absorbing the nutrients.

Here are some Natural Naughties tips and suggestions on ways to absorb more nutrients, especially from certain foods:
  • Flax seeds - In order to absorb nutrients from them, ensure they have been soaked in water for a few hours or grounded up. I love the flax seed meal from
  • Chia seeds - Soak them for a few hours and watch them expand.
  • Nuts and Seeds - Sure, both are loaded with nutrients, but soaking them may enhance the absorption of enzymes and nutrients.
  • Iron rich foods - Iron deficiency is common even while eating foods rich in iron. A tip to absorb more iron is to eat iron rich foods with a dose of Vitamin C with them.
  • Most foods in general - Nutrient deficiency can be caused by not eating enough nutrient dense foods or simply not absorbing them. The tips below will assist.
  • Ensure you get plenty of sunlight.
  • Exercise and rest are important.
  • Avoid toxic friendships and relationships.
  • Consuming too many stimulants is not ideal.
  • Have a mantra to avoid stress and feel great. Rather than "I am tired and hungry," try "I will rest and enjoy the sun in order to assist my body to mineralize."

Kayla Thompson