Lucky "curves" and a "healthy" looking body is becoming the look more woman want to achieve. I feel so happy when girls tell me their goals are to look and feel good, not just appearance based. This is not always the case. With an increase of "selfies" on social media, more girls are wanting to achieve really low body fat and a ripped 6 pack. Many do not understand that for most this requires a lot of work and not always maintainable or does not guarantee "happiness".

I have personally never been what I consider "naturally" really thin. Growing up there was stages in my life I wanted to be "slimmer" and would envy the naturally slimmer girls. The girls who ate anything they liked and could remain slim. The girls who hardly ate and did not like food and could remain "slim". To be honest not sure why I wanted so badly to feel slim. Perhaps I had insecurities? Maybe I thought people would like me if I was slimmer? Perhaps I was influenced by media, believing slimmer was more attractive?

There was times I would go on "stupid" diets in attempt to be "slim'. Some worked, however envolved me eating so little and I never maintained them, others failed and once again did not last. I know I was not the only "young girl" trying different "diets" to achieve a better body. Weight loss shakes, starving, eating next to no calories and limiting food groups was not uncommon for myself or girls the same age. 

It is obvious many people still use this type of "diet" to try become "slimmer". Note the amount of "diet" plans being sold, diet shakes, diet bars, diet drinks and "magic pills".

I only achieved the body I was happier with when I changed body composition through clean eating, weight training and some cardio. I was not "stick" thin but healthy, happy and a little more confident. I must admit I did and still feel better when "leaner". I can wear nice clothes without having to "cover" up "love handles" ect. Being in "shape" and striving to be "perfect/slim" are very different. I was lucky to pick to train with a WELL QUALIFIED holistic CHEK coach and master trainer with a lot of experience. I was taught holistic methods of training and eating from age 16. I noticed a massive difference in body composition and health within weeks!

Very proud of all my past achievements, great memories! 2010

I was able to achieve "skinny" look through really strictdiet, cardio and weight training, The process was a fun journey as I had a goal to compete. I was "tiny" at 54 kilos and I am close to 170cm tall. I  was able to "achieve" the body I never thought I could have. It was a great accomplishment and I am very proud of my achievements. I know that the body I achieved was achieved with hard work, hard dieting and a lot of motivation. Not the way I look "naturally" nor could I achieve that result "naturally". Simple it is not healthy or natural for a female to have such a low body fat.
Being super lean and tiny was not something I wanted all year around. With time I picked more time with family, friends and doing things other than training and "dieting" I felt happy. I kind of missed some "curves" and shape. Was my life really any better being "leaner". I felt like I was becoming a "negative influence" as I was a trainer and more and more girls would come to be wanting to be "slim". I wanted to promote healthy body image and mind.

There was a stage my body "crashed" to do with a range of health issues, both physically and mentally.

I only got back to where I wanted when I started to love the skin I was in and focus on being "fit and healthy". Meditation assisted on my journey.

Be happy in your own skin :) 

"Struggles" that we overcome contribute to the new person we become. I have a healthy body, I have a healthy mind and I am happy. I am not stick thin, I am not super lean, I am not ripped but I am happy and confident in my own skin.

We should appreciate the body we have and treat it the best we can. We all have different talents, passions and bodies.

Focus on what you have and what you are good at!

What is so attractive about super skinny? How is a super skinny body more attractive then a curvy body? How is a fit and ripped body more attractive then a skinny body? Being lean and spending hours in the gym and feeling like crap?...and so on.

Confidence is sexy. Treating your body is sexy. Feeling good is the best feeling.. Accepting what you have and changing what you can is a better approach. People should like you for the inside, that is what counts!

Inspiring others to nourish the body and love self. 2013 Workshop

We need to celebrate inner beauty :)

I am passionate to assist clients to reach the best body the can while maintaing results and a healthy mind.
The 5 Day Training Split provides tips on training, eating and positive mind set and self love to ensure you love yourself from the inside out.

Kayla Thompson

Raw food and detox coach, Master Trainer, Hypnosis therapist :)