I was blessed to be asked to present a segment on Raw Food at a recent event held by Miriam.

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Many people are un familiar with NLP. I think it is fantastic that more people are interested to learn different ways to improve own development as well as assist others.

NLP can help clients clear old habits and patterns that have prevented them from making changes in the past. It also sets a framework for how to achieve goals more easily and with less mental effort. 

The Raw Food Segment
I hosted a segment on raw foods to inspire people to nourish bodies so that they can combine that with nourishing the mind.

I spoke about the benefits of raw food and how they make you feel good. I provided tips on ways busy people can include more raw food into current eating plans easily. Many people are unaware of how easy it actually is to prepare raw food meals and  snacks.

Most people in the workshop did not know much about raw foods so I provided each client with a hand out on super foods and went through some of the benefits as well as ways to add them to recipes.

I was excited to make a green smoothie is this workshop as most people had never tried one. It is Natural Naughties mission to ensure every person that connects with Natural Naughties experiences the green magic. No doubt they will be hooked.

Here is the recipe.

Natural Naughties Green Smoothie
4 cups water
2 green apples, remove core.
1 cup baby spinach
teaspoon manuka honey
Blend in a high speed blender.

Photo from the day.

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Kayla Thompson