Fresh Coconut Yogurt

I love coconut water, especially from fresh coconuts. I drink the coconut water from Thai coconuts. These coconuts have have the outer layer removed so they are white. They also have more water and a softer meat, which is soft and jelly-like.
The other coconuts have a rough and brown skin. Those coconuts have little water and the meat is firm. I prefer to eat the meat from these or use it to make curries and other coconut creations.

You can eat the coconut meat out the coconut with a spoon, or make a yummy yogurt, like I did!

These coconuts are sold at markets, Asian shops and some supermarkets. I have seen organic ones in organic shops and health stores too. They are around $4.00 each. At times I wish I was still in Thailand; they only cost around 30 cents there!

I hate to waste things, so I created this yummy yogurt using the coconut. I also added probiotics to this recipe for a health boost!

meat from one coconut
3 tablespoons coconut oil
1/2 cup coconut water
5 sachets probiotics
*more water if needed
  1. Blend in a high speed blender
  2. Serve. You can also add in fresh fruit, nuts and coconut flakes.
Serves 4

  • Add raw cacao
  • Add cinnamon and honey
  • Blend in with berries for a "pink" yogurt.
  • Serve with fresh fruit.
  • Add frozen berries and whisk is a VITAMIX for frozen coconut sorbet.

Kayla Thompson