Presenting the Natural Naughties Work Shop was a blessing as a goal I set this year was to inspire people to be happy, healthy and learn to be the best they can be.


I believe that we all have a "Power" within. I can not give that to any one,  how ever I can help people "find' that power using a range of methods I used to find my own. 

These methods included self love, meditation, whole foods, rest, recovery and a healthy mind.

I want to inspire people to be the best person they can be as I  know the type of people I want to share the universe with.

I was blessed to have some amazing speakers assist me to present topics..

*Paul from Evolve helped my lovely guests find different ways to feel amazing and leave stress behind. I was blown away by his amazing meditation using some get a hypnosis skills. We all felt really relaxed after a long day, thanks Paul.
Paul discussed "stress". People are often un aware of the different types of stress.

*Cory and Sam from Healthy Living Seminars always bring so much positive energy to my events. We all learned a great deal about positive self action, finding purpose and staying motivated.
Having purpose means your "goal" will fill your heart. Do things for the "correct" reasons.

*Kate from Tidy training presented a talk on rest and recovery. Kate is my personal; "go to girl" when it come to training related injuries. Kate is always learning and developing new skills to improve her own training and the training of her clients. 
Lack of rest, can sabotage your efforts in the gym.

On the day I spoke about eating for your own body, eating for a lean body, the different between a "skinny" and "fit" body, meditation to improve all areas of life, raw foods and also positive body image.
Many healthy issues are linked to emotions. I think that meditation, self love are just as important as food.

*I did share some of my own personal experiences with adrenal fatigue, severe attacks and how they all contributed to me evolving and learning. I would not have it any other way. 

Feedback from the day

So great to hear that my day inspired many, Attending events with an "open" mind means you gain "more".

After today I plan to eat better and be more positive. Ellie

I loved learning about the raw foods and super foods. After attening today I will try and incorporate more raw food into my eating plan. Katie

The workshop was fantastic, I left feeling more connected.

I loved everything today. Everyone was really helpful and I am going to eat more healthy after today.

The workshop was really interesting, I loved the meditation topic.

Today was enjoyable after today I will make decisions that are my own choices. 

Very interesting and motivating.  A variety of topics. After today I will drop fad diets and include more healthy eating.

The work shop today was excellent and really inspiring. I liked leanring about eating for a lean body. After today  I will go away and “learn my own body” Michelle

Today was great and a lot more then I expected. After today I will eat healthy and learn my own body.

Overall I thought the day was great. I learned a lot about positive and negative mind sets. How to bring balance into my life in all aspects, how much good nutrition and meditation can have on the body.Mel reed.

Full house event. I was so blown away reading the feedback forms that I must run the event again.

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Kayla Thompson