Natural Naughties Slice


This slice makes a perfect alternative to "chocolate cake". It contains all natural and nutrient dense ingredients. It makes a great snack, breakfast or treat meal snack.


one banana
1/4 cup raw oats
4 tablespoons yogurt
4 tablespoons ground oats
4 tablespoons raw cacao
2 tablespoons natural peanut butter
1/4 cup coconut water


Process all ingredients in a high speed blender.

Pour into a lined tin and bake on medium/low heat until "slice" is firm.

Serves 4

Serving Suggestion

Serve each slice with fresh berries, ricotta chesse and sliced banana.


Before pouring the mixture into a pan ensure it is thick like "custard". If not add in some more "oats".

You can grease the tin with peanut butter is you like, I did ;)

*I used Raw C coconut water in this recipe as a "trial" as I normally use this product in shakes and other creations. Raw C is Natural Naughties favourite coconut water as it is low in calories, carbs, fat and sugar. The perfect energy drink for those days you need an extra "pick me up".

Kayla Thompson