Enjoy this amazing "snack".

So many people have requested snack recipes. Here you go! This slice is convenient, affordable, nutrient-dense and yummy. The slice above worked out to be about $1.50 a slice. It took no time to make and resulted in only a little mess too.
This slice is an easy to make "treat" that can be made ahead of time. The slice freezes well too. I prefer to make my own bars and snacks as most store bought ones contain added ingredients, sugars or other non-approved ingredients. The advantage of making your own bars is you can pick the "macros" per slice. For example, if you require more fat or protein, you can make the slice to "fit" these requirements.
To learn more about macros, read this article that I found: http://www.mckinley.illinois.edu/handouts/macronutrients.htm
I have used some of my favourite ingredients in this "cake" to replace processed white flour, sugar and other additives in traditional recipes.
  • Fruit - Everyone knows that having a diet rich in fruits allows you to have overall good health. They provide nutrients that enhance health and well being.
  • Coconut - Coconut is rich in fiber, improves your digestion, and provides you with a boost of energy.
  • Eggs - Eggs a rich source of protein and riboflavin, which both help you build and repair tissues, cells, and bones. 

Natural Naughties Carrot Slice
1 apple
         2 carrots
8 heaped tablespoons coconut flour
16 egg whites
12 walnuts

  1. Process together in a high speed blender.
  2. Pour into a lined tin. (I line in baking paper so the "cakes" are easy to remove and less mess for me to clean)
  3. Bake on medium heat for around 15-30 minutes. Check the cake every 7 minutes to ensure whether or not it's cooked. You will know the cake Is ready when it rises and a knife comes out clean.
  4. Allow to cool
  5. Slice into 8 pieces. 
  • When making the cake the mixture should be thick like a custard. If too thin and runny, add a little almond meal.
  • Serve with mashed banana and honey to sweeten.
  • This recipe makes a great lunch box snack idea. For a nut-free slice, replace the walnuts with 1/4 cup coconut flakes.
Serves 8
Nutrient breakdown/Macros per slice:
Carbs:  10.54 g
Sugar: 4.68 g
Calories: 132 calories
Fat: 5.15 g
Protein:  9.76 g

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Kayla Thompson