Natural Beauty

 A huge motivation for me to stay fit is to look and feel at my best. Make up... bless make up, it can dramatically change your look. Do the best you can with your training and nutrition then enhance your look with beauty products. Sure, being happy on the inside counts, but you can't deny the 'magic' of makeup.

I have always been open to learn about different ways to look great. I have attended fashion and beauty workshops to learn what I can in the past. In 2007, I did a course with Rave modelling and learned a GREAT DEAL about presentation.
It is important to note that the outside is not a reflection of the inside. If we look "crappy" on the outside, it is often linked to many different things. Bad food, emotions, bad relationships, toxins in beauty products or stress...

Nourishing your body with lots of whole foods, especially raw foods, will assist in making you look and feel beautiful. I know that green juice makes one "glow". Being happy, living with purpose and managing emotional issues such as stress will contribute to a more balanced body, resulting in a better looking outer appearance.

Looking good is not 'vain'; it is simply healthy lifestyle. 'Ugly' traits are a side effect of 'ugly' living. Sure, no-one is perfect; but aim to be the best version of yourself.

The better my lifestyle, the less makeup, creams and beauty products I need. I find my skin is softer, clear and I feel like I am de-ageing daily.

Grooming today is important. I personally find I have more energy and confidence when I have some light makeup on, even if it is a little blush, mascara and lip gloss.
*I never leave the house without mascara; it makes me feel more awake., perhaps a mental thing but it works. 

Makeup can do wonders. As I promote health and wellness, I do understand that the products we put onto the skin do enter into the blood stream. For that reason, I have included my own natural beauty tips and recipes in my e-books.

When using make up, I opt for a natural brand.

I have been using  Aevitas Active Organics range and I love it. The range includes clincally proven active ingredients that provide results within a short time. The makeup is actually able to assist to help reverse the signs of ageing.

I have a very active lifestyle, so I do not always opt for a heavy coverage or full makeup. The light mineral powder foundation is a winner for busy days, feeling really light.

Every girl needs gloss. The lip plumper is enriched with naturally occuring vitamins A, D, E, plant oils and omega fatty acids to condition the lips and make them full and plump.

The lash extending mascara is naturally rich in vitamin A, E and organic jojoba.

Easy... mineral powder, mascara and gloss and you're ready to head out the door!

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Kayla Thompson