(A raw food dish, no packets, marketing, yet healthy, natural, enzymes, nutrient dense, organic and yummy, recipes in my plan book!)

I had a great weekend, light walking and yoga as my knees are sore making the most of what I can do! Look forward to improve my flexibility while my knees rest! Spent the weekend with family, cooking and even treated myself to some new pots for my classes! Woke up feeling great and ready for a new week! Just finished breakfast, fresh fish, steamed greens, season with fresh garlic, chilli and sea salt. Tasty! Eating a healthy natural breakfast makes me feel amazing! Later I look forward to enjoy a green smoothie for an energy hit as I do not drink coffee. I am so passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and teaching others! We need to work together to learn to live a healthy lifestyle that we can pass onto our children and future generation.

I often see people eating the wrong food or not eating enough of the right food the body needs. I always thought to myself if they want to be energetic and be leaner then why are they eating like this? Is it because they don't care? Sometimes. They are stressed? Maybe. They are addicted? Possible. They do not know its unhealthy? Alot of the time yes, marketing and advertising promote so many products loaded with artificial ingredients or heavy processed food as healthy! Many of these foods even have the health tick on them. Some people I talk to are shocked to hear most of the food in supermarkets are unhealthy. They honestly believe these breakfast cereals ect are healthy and trying to do the right thing as a parent and feed these "healthy" foods to the next generation. Larger companies have a lot of money and are able to sell and market products; I read articles on the benefits of coffee, drinking soy, the list goes on. Then after reading i should enjoy 5 cups of coffee in moderation, i see the study is backed up by a coffee company SUPRISE! I run my business and prefer to support smaller business that are doing the right thing, fair trade, organic, health store ect. Larger companies may be able to sponsor and work with me, I choose not to support business that sell so called "diet" products or contain artificial sweeteners, fillers ect in the product. Many people who actually sell some of these products have become ill from taking them and still continue to work in the industry and promote a product to others to make them ill in the long run! I would feel horrible if I did that! It’s harder to market and sell an apple and make a massive profit then it is to sell "gimmick" weight loss products. An apple is full of nutrients, enzymes, healthy, easy and tasty! I much prefer to put food in my body! Support local farmers, if we all worked together it would make it more affortable for us all.

We need to be smart and work together. We need to find out ways to solve stress, fight addictions, eat healthy, find a purpose, a reason to be happy and want to live a healthy lifestyle too. Now we have more available to help us, personal trainers, lifestyle coaches, naturopath, a number of books. We should not need these people in the industry, as it should be common sence what is right and wrong. We messed it all up, we need to go back before processed food was introduced, before milk was pasteurized, before "diet coke", before Mc Donalds...Before you eat something think was this available to our ancestors? The fish and greens I had today were. Cornflakes and pasteurized milk was not around. Simple tip avoid most food sold in a box or packet. I grown many of my own veggies at home!

Love your body! Love yourself! Respect yourself! Once you do this you can do the same for others! Today self-esteem is a high issue. People have low self-esteem once again with a strong influence on media, marketing, magazines ect. We are all unique and special; we are not "perfect". Many people are drawn into buying these so called "diet products" "pills" ect to "loose weight", "get ripped" "shredded diet" .These can cause health problems latter down the track, a lot of the time not enough calories, fats ect to nourish and fuel the body. Funny enough those who are in the "diet trap" are unhappy a lot of the time! They do so much and they are not happy! We need to try and achieve balance. It is very simple. Eat well, rest, move and be happy!

* We all have different goals and dreams i respect everyones opinions and decisions, i just think often people are not told the TRUTH.

*for details on self-esteem work shops, manage stress and more contact me.

Stress is so common now; stress will do crazy things to health. We need to try keeping stress down as much as possible. Stress comes from everywhere! Work, the computer, financial stress, emotional stress, and stress from overtraining...the list goes on.

What is causing you stress? Identify the problem and how can you overcome it.

Eat a balanced healthy diet. Natural Naughties suggest basic eating plans to ensure your body gets the nutrients and food it needs. Plans are sensible, can be maintained and are simple so you are not in the kitchen prep a crazy amount of meals.

Try yoga! I have started yoga again and am already feeling the benefits! Yoga pose help release stress and focus on breathing.

Contact a lifestyle coach. I myself used to have a great coach and guided me! My coach will guest speak at my Raw Class on 19th February.

Meditation. Is great for the body and mind! I am going to try some this year!

Basic Detox to destress My Natural Naughties plan includes a light detox designed to help detox the body, reduce stress, perfect for those who do not follow a healthy eating plan at the moment.

Limit/reduce caffeine-Coffee is a stimulant, limit coffee to one max a day-I currently drink no coffee and am feeling really good! Caffeine is also present in pre-workouts, diet drinks, energy drinks ect. Coconut water is a natural sport drink! Today i will try carob in my treats!

Water. Stay hydrated!

Try my recipes, quick and easy!

A Natural Naughties Breakfast Recipe (non vegan)


2 whole eggs (organic free-range)

2 chopped tomato

1 glove garlic crushed

1/4 chopped onion

1/4 cup basil leaves

Celic seas salt

Coconut oil to fry


Lightly fry garlic, onion in coconut oil.

Add in chopped tomatoes and fry for 1 minute.

Break over eggs and add basil leaves.

Cook until whites are hard (I like the yellow runny)


Vegan Breakfast


1/4 cup coconut flakes

1/4 cup goji berries

1/4 cup chopped and soaked almonds

1/2 cup soaked buckwheat

1 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon raw cacao

1 teaspoon maca

(any other fruit, fresh or dry, nuts, seeds, superfoods)


Mix and serve with almond milk (almond milk recipe in my plan)

For information on the following please contact me..

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·         Yoga in Adelaide

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Natural Naughties Love <3

Kayla Thompson