Toxic free beauty <3

My hair feels amazing and soft since using a my new organic shampoo and conditioner by Australian brand Bod. I have also been using coconut oil as a natural oil on my skin. My skin feel amazing and soft and i am glad it is chemical free! I only use this oil on my body not my face or i break out as it is not ideal for the face. Coconut oil is not best used on the face as adviced by beauty professionals. A great natural product to use on the skin is ros hip oil, anti ageing too! I am in love with my raw lipgloss! It is 100 percent raw and toxic free! I have chocolate, cinnamon and licorice ones! I found these lip gloss at Bliss in Adelaide, i was a child again, getting so excited. Reminded me of lip smackers as a child, i imagine these are more natural, if i had a daughter i would be buying these instead! I also make my own gloss using natural ingredients and i make a great raw gloss too! You can even eat the gloss!! I will share some of my fav ones in my beauty class! Every so often i treat my skin to a natural face mask, i include some of these in my plan.

When we put a toxic product on our skin we obsorb chemicals and toxins in our body through our skin layers,into muscles and fat and into our blood stream.

Once into our blood stream toxic chemical can cause problems such as cancer, allergies,reproductive toxity, cellular changes and more!

Many chemicals hide in products we use everyday toothpaste, shampoo, body scrub, body lotion, makeup, cleaning products and more!

Many products that claim to be Natural still use chemicals, it is always best to make your own products when you can!

If you look up some of the ingredients in products on the market and what they do, you will be shocked! Even more shocking to find out chemicals are present in baby products too!

To avoid toxins in the body use natural organic products when you can or make you own beauty products!

For silky soft skin try the Natural Naughties toxic free mask!

Natural Naughties Avocado Face mask

Hydrate and replenish the skin, anti age, great for those with acne!


1 teaspoon honey
1 ripe avocado


Mash ripe avocado together with the honey.
Rinse skin with warm water
Apple mask to face
leave fro 20 minutes
rinse off with cold water

*Tip add cucumbers onto your eyes! A great remedy with dark circles under the eyes! Also very relaxing!
*Cucumber also makes a great toner, run onto the skin and leave overnight, i find this helps fight blemishes!


For more beauty tips purchase the Natural Naughties e-book where we share some natural tips for the body and home! the chemicals we breath in from cleaning are really toxic too! Apple cidear vinegar is a great natural cleaning product!

Book into our toxic free beauty class this year! This class will educate you on the products on the market and how to be smart about picking the toxic free products! Also learn to make your own! Students will recieve some samples from Bod products!

For more details on plans or classes contact

All this talk has got me excited may make some more lipgloss, a good shower scrub and maybe hit the eco shop to see what new products i can find today!!

Natural Naughties love <3